Better to stumble on new ways than to step on the spot in old ways.

I will coach you one-to-one or in tiny groups, in person or via SKYPE. I will activate your potential and share helpful hints and tricks with you!

Those facing an important presentation, moderation, or an (EU) project often need fast, spot-on, practical support. I offer one-to-one coaching, either throughout the entire process, or just at times you need hints & tricks the most! In the course of a personal consultation, we look at weak points and challenges together and prepare you for your upcoming moderation, presentation, training or project management tasks.

I am also happy to provide – if you wish, and if possible – a video analysis of your performance!


Regular reflection on the quality of our training sessions and our personal performance as trainers is very important to the team of trainers at the FFG Academy / European and International Programme. For the purposes of procuring new input and not always “stewing in our own juices” we commissioned feedback from Birgit Baumann. She observed two of our 2-day training seminars and recorded important parts of the sessions on video.

We processed the feedback on our training design together with her during a feedback workshop and analysed the video recordings. The ideas, suggestions for improvement and input as well as her personal feedback were extremely valuable.

Her experience, expert competence and motivated appearance never cease to impress. Both our training sessions and we as trainers profited from her analysis work and we went about the implementation of our next training events highly motivated.

Birgit Steininger (Head of FFG-Academy) | FFG