Business Moderation: Method “Socio metrics / constellation”

We are back on the business moderation subject of “methods” and are also working with the so-called socio metrics, also known as “constellation”. With that you ask questions as a moderator, after which the participants position themselves in the room and this information will become visible.

The constellation is very well suited at the beginning of a workshop/training as an “Ice-breaker” (“opener”) because it combines and establishes first commonalities. It supports the team building and stimulates the communication among your participants. The rapid interaction of the group causes an increased flow of energy, and last but not least, a constellation is also just fun 🙂

Through an constellation both moderator/trainer and participants get feedback on the background and the knowledge level of each group.

The first step to a successful constallation is the careful selection of questions/constallation topics. There should be a specific purpose to each question/each topic. You can, for example start with one or the other question on a personal topic to break the ice, and then continue with topics on the contents of the workshops/trainings. The participants have either formed clusters or arranged themselves into a line or even too – if space is tight – in the corners of a room.

Questions / constallation topics could be, for example:

  • Women / Men (cluster formation)
  • Ancestry (issue centre and directions with those)
  • Background/field of the highest level of education (cluster formation)
  • (Cluster) Organisation type, e.g. universities, SME, industry, research organisations, non-profit organisations, etc. (cluster formation)
  • Motivation for participation (4 corners)
  • Theoretical knowledge on workshop /training content (series)
  • Hands-on experience (series)

In principle, constallations are useful for each workshop/training, but especially for groups, which meet for the first time, e.g. during Kick-off meetings of projects, for round tables, Info-events, networking and brokerage events, etc.

Have you, yourself, already carried out a constellation or participated in one? How was it for you? Do you have experiences, you want to share with us?