Business Moderation: the Fish Bowl method

As already announced a while ago, today we will focus on a method called “The Fishbowl”.

Goals / Use for what?

  • The Fishbowl is a simple but dynamic alternative to the panel discussion
  • A method for exchanging working group results
  • To represent partial interests within the large group
  • and for presenting observations by experts

fish bowl en


In addition to the moderator there are at least 3 persons (max. 5) sitting in the inner circle. One chair will remain empty. The discussion / presentation of the results etc begins. The empty chair can – whenever someone wants to – be taken by someone from the audience and a statement will be made​​. Then that person again leaves the inner circle or remains seated until someone else wants to participate.

Important: Explain rules beforehand and animate to participate (possibly before ask someone if he / she could break the ice).


Possible sequence

  1. Thematic introduction (eg expert statement or similar)
  2. Working in groups (then send 1 person into the Fishbowl) based on goal oriented questions
  3. Fishbowl (Round 1) to present the results
  4. Further discussion in working groups, taking into account these new perspectives
  5. Fishbowl (Round 2) – but one can be enough
  6. Summary (not necessarily content related) by moderator
Fishbowl EU-Project

Fishbowl EU-Project

The article about the “Fishbowl” was now the last one about the moderation methods – we hope you found a few useful ones for you and could maybe already try out one or another!

Feel free to contact us if you wanna learn more about moderation methods!

During one of the next articles, we will now tell you about the difference between workshops (business moderation) and training courses – we prepared a little film about that and are already excited to learn about your feedback!

See you soon,
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