Hello everybody!

Do you remember? A few weeks ago, I told you here about an article from the magazine “Gehirn & Geist” (“Mind & Brain”), which involved stimulating your creativity. A very important issue which, in my opinion, cannot be discussed enough.

One part of this article particularly concerned me and therefore, I decided to dedicate this post to it.

I’m calling it:

„The end of brainstorming?“

The question how helpful brainstorming really is in activating our creative potential, is in fact quite controversial debated among scientists today.

Although in my opinion, brainstorming is THE prime method for generating ideas, which by now is used in almost every company.

Perhaps partly, because many do not know any other way. And because a lot of us believe in its targeted action effect.

Let’s have a brief introduction again: the brainstorming method was invented about 70 years ago by Alex F. Osborn, an American author and owner of an advertising company. The participants form small groups and are asked to name all the ideas which come into their minds on a predetermined topic. Importantly, they are not allowed to criticise the proposals of others! Because Osborn said, that the fear of negative feedback discourages most people to offer up their best ideas in the first place. That is actually not illogical.


Now, new studies show, that groups, on one hand, often do worse than people who are becoming creative on their own. On the other hand, the prohibition on criticism in brainstorming weakens the method developed by Osborn: Openly discussing various proposals, can be at least as conducive to the flow idea, if not better.


To this end, researchers have conducted various tests that support this theory. Constructive feedback does not harm the creative process, therefore, it rather inspires it.

Are you equally critical about brainstorming? Or do you like to apply it and do so successfully? I am very interested about your opinions on this!

And what does this now mean for all our practical work and our future idea generation? Should we shun brainstorming and find new – better? – methods?


In my next post I’ll introduce to you to a method which, in my opinion, is a good alternative or supplement to brainstorm: The Disney Method (I will reveal it to you in roughly 1 month:-))

3 Schritte der Disney Kreativitätsmethode

3 steps of the Disney creativity method

Personally, I still consider brainstorming an extremely efficient method for generating ideas, even though I can certainly understand some of the criticisms. Maybe next time I will loosen the absolute prohibition on criticism a little and see what happens .. 🙂

All the best, Birgit