Dear all,

I’m very proud to tell you that – on the basis of the smart, creative results of 20 years of my personal experience as an international moderator and trainer – I have now written a practical manual, offering numerous practical tips and tools on the role and mindset of facilitators and trainers, the design process as well as the implementation of presentations and trainings. You can find some selected methods in it.


My book! 🙂


You have to develop and carry out a workshop or a training, but do not know exactly how to start? You are already experienced, but want to reflect on the basics and the most important background knowledge? You are a professional, looking for a compact introduction for your trainees? You offer specialised trainings, are technically fit, but have to do some catch up on the didactics side? – There’s something inside my practical manual for all of you!

As a first step, it’s only being sold in German, but stay tuned – I’m already working on the English version!

Let me know, when you are interested in it  – I’ll keep you posted about my proceedings!

All the best,