Hey everyone!!

It’s been a little quiet around here for a while.. that’s because we were working very hard on the publication of my book “Blühende Workshops und Trainings mit Erfolgsgarantie”, which I’ve already told you about in the last article. Please excuse this long absence – I found it took nearly all our time and energy to get this immense project done.


I’m very happy and proud that I’m now able to tell you that all went well, the book is finished, printed and already sold more than 50 times! On the occasion of the 10 years anniversary of my company BusinessMind beginning of July, I took the chance to organise a big party to celebrate with clients, former colleagues, trainees, friends and family, sell books, gather donations for a good cause (people donated more than 600 EUR!) and relax after weeks and months of heavy workload.

The publication of an English version is planned for late autumn / winter. If you would like to buy it in German, please order it here.

After a well deserved vacation I will be back in September with a new post – until then I wish you all the most delightful and relaxing summer, lots of warmth, sunshine and many little moments of joy!

Yours, Birgit