Last time I briefly told you about my experiences with writing and publishing books, today we have some summarising tips, especially for those who are also thinking about taking on such a project.

  1. Be aware of the lead time – and take into account 1.5 – 2 years until publication.
  2. Visit a book-writing seminar (unfortunately I did not, but I will), preferably one in which also offers tips for working with publishers.
  3. Pick a publishing house and deliver a concept (which I did not do).
  4. Go into seclusion and avoid distractions, ie during writing time you will have to completely abstain from communication in order to fully dig in.
  5. At least give your partner some fair warning that for the next few months, the word BOOK will be the most widely used word and that it will also be a dominant factor and invite him or her, as part of a pre-excuse, to dinner (or something similarly nice :-)).Blumenstrauss
  6. Send the draft to test readers, who can provide different perspectives on the content and structure – important: set a deadline!
  7. The beginning of the book is crucial. Get feedback from a professional writer (eg I gave mine to a journalist).
  8. Read ALL feedback first and then work in the notes, weigh the contradictory points.
  9. Put in another test read loop (2 – 3 persons), because by then you are totally blinkered.
  10. Have the book proofread at the same time so that it can be printed with impeccable grammar and free from errors.
  11. And no matter how tough it is, now you still have to incorporate this final feedback, because only then the work will be done.
  12. At the same time you can start looking for a professional layout artist or graphic designer unless you are a professional in this field yourself.
  13. If you want to do a book presentation, start planning at an early stage (we started 4 months in advance).
  14. Now think about your marketing concept and set a fixed price.
  15. Have someone make you a Landing Page.
  16. Once you have received the “galley proof” (the actual printed work): Check it thoroughly!
  17. At the delivery of this seminal work: Now you can be a little proud! And remember to thank all those who have supported you in this!Buch: Blühende Workshops und Trainings mit Erfolgsgarantie
  18. Think of something extraordinary for the book presentation.
  19. And when the party / book presentation is over, you can at last relax (or not, because you will have to be active again for the sale)
  20. This is now an excellent time to invite your partner to dinner again and apologise for focusing on the book (if the relationship has survived that J).

So then, if you still want to write a book, then I want to wish you  a lot of fun and patience. You can also contact me, if you want to know more about it. Or if you have already written a book, let participate us your experiences here.

Best regards, Birgit