Hello and welcome back after the summer break!

I hope you had a wonderful, sunny and relaxing summer! I’ve spent my previous weeks with my loved one at home in Upper Austria and down South in Carinthia, paddling the days away. Always with me: my newest means of transport!pipsi_66

As I’m still in a holidays mood (although I had a quite intensiv start), I thought, let’s begin the blog-revival with something positive! As you will most likely also already feel the claws of a usually rather stressful fall – let us all remain on vacation for another second and maybe also win something along the way!

Right hereunder you will find a picture, which I shot during one of my countless trips around Europe. If you know, where this pic was taken (wild guessing is allowed!), send an email with the name of the city to birgit.baumann@businessmind.at (Deadline is Friday, 23 September 2016!). This is your chance to win a coaching session with me (worth 250 EUR). Out of all correct answers I will draw one, who will be made public after the deadline.

And now here’s the picture.. do you have an idea where it was shot? 


Send me your guess until Friday, 23 September 2016 via birgit.baumann@businessmind.at and win a Coaching session!

I’m back in in rougly a week with another article on the BusinessMind contribution to the Austrian Trainer’s Day and with a report on the recent moderation training for large groups, carried out for the NCP-Academy!

Until then, stay tuned!

All the best, Birgit