Ever heard of “serendipity”?

This is a very generous term for almost all types of happiness / fortune.

Some of us do quite regularly encounter happy coincidences – others: not so much.

In the November issue of the magazine “Gehirn & Geist” (“Brain & Mind”) I have discovered an interesting article on this topic, which I would like to share with you. In the face of the “darker season”, the time for candlelight and contemplation and the upcoming Christmas holidays, I believe it’s a good opportunity to sit back and think about the happiness we all want to have our proper share of.

Cover Gehirn&Geist: Glück / Serendipität

Cover Gehirn&Geist: Fortune / Serendipity

So why is it that some “lucky ones” seem to have access to such large portions of luck that it seems almost unjustified, while the rest of us is left out?

In the first place, serendipity has a much narrower meaning than just “being happy”. It means “to find something important, that has not been sought”.

The prerequisite for this is a “preparatory spirit” that is receptive to lucky discoveries. Instead of moving from A to B in a straight forward way, the lucky ones often find things that prove to be fortunate without even seeking it – merely because their minds are open to it. Simply put, whoever believes in his happiness is more likely to find it.

In addition, certain character traits and behaviours favour a certain “happiness accumulation”. Through their way of thinking and acting, some people increase the chance to create, recognise and seize extraordinary opportunities in their lives.

There is even a specific term to label these people, namely that of the “Super Encounterer”. Super encounterers are often more extroverted, more open and less neurotic than their less fortunate fellow human beings. Chance favours those, who have a large social network, who are ready to open up to a broad field of activities and are relaxed enough to notice the opportunities that arise.

Get out of your comfort zone and into the wilderness. You might find your luck there.

Get out of your comfort zone and into the wilderness. You might find your luck there.

Anyone courageously jumping in for trials and errors, rather than remaining static out of fear of mistakes, has already come a step closer to his fortune.

But can it truly be that simple? Just believe in happiness, be confident and open to its appearance?

As you know, in the context of my trainings and workshops, I do deal quite a lot with the topic of the “mindset” – check out the blog article referring to it here – and I am quite convinced that a positive attitude and an optimistic view of life makes up for already half the rent. But is this alone enough to be and remain happy in the long run?

What do you think? Do you like to jump in on your luck and go out searching for it or are you rather just calmly waiting and keeping your eyes open until it comes around?

Either way, I wish you all the best of luck for the coming year and look forward to many beautiful stories about how you found your happiness (or rather how IT found YOU).

Greetings, Birgit