Today we are going to show you a new method for business moderations – “Dreams & Nightmares“.

“Dreams & Nightmares” is one of our favorite methods, since it’s simple and effective. It can channel negative energies by giving room to potential concerns and specifically targeting them.

This method of business moderation is suitable for groups of up to 40 people (if you have more than 10 participants we would recommend to collect topics in small groups). All you need is a pinboard, pens and moderation cards in different colors.

As mentioned before, this method aims to address concerns, but also queries expectations and wishes. A possible question might be, “What kind of dreams and nightmares do you have when you look at this strategy workshops?” Depending on how much time you want to spend on this, you can also extend the questions to include a future component, e.g. “What dreams & nightmares do you have for the implementation phase after this strategy?

Just remember to distribute many different colored cards so the distinction will be clearly visible.

Now you can collect the inputs of your participants (depending on group size, individual concerns/ wishes or group concerns/wishes, depending on time available, e.g., “The 2 biggest wishes vs. the 2 biggest concerns”) and discuss what each individual (moderator, possibly client and participant) can do, so the dreams will come true and the nightmares won’t.

This point is, by the way, the most important one: never let the collected answers just be like “Oh, man, the nightmares really don’t sound good… too bad… okay, let’s just continue!”. Give clear answers where you can make an influence (e.g. for suggestions on the workshop or training course). Ask your participants specific questions when they have the option to contribute and take responsibility.

Have you ever used the “Dreams & Nightmares” method in a business moderation? What have you experienced? We’re looking forward to read your comments!

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