Some time ago I got you here from an article from the Gehirn & Geist Magazine (comment: translated it means “brain & mind”; and which I can only recommend very warmly  for German speaking people!), which was about how to find happiness (keyword “serendipity“).

A theme which I’m running again lately about the way. “The great happiness to find” and this then (if you’re lucky! :)) also still permanently to keep – who does not wish for that, after all?

But now people always tell people that everything is going well with them – they have a good job, family, can make nice holidays and sometimes a new car, bike or a kayak (why also not – is a wonderful sport :)). So actually, they have every reason to be happy.

But.. (of course this comes now…was to be expected :-)) … many well-situated, successful and “really happy” people still lack anything in life. What’s that? Do you know it, too?

It lacks the sense / purpose / meaning.

Many people in the Western world today feel their lives somehow forgotten.

The workplace is safe and brings enough income, but the heart does not make any big leaps in the thought of the next working day, however. The children are well cared for and prosper soon, but they will leave the nest and may ask for a pocket money increase once a month by phone. The new car travels excellently (and now and again a little over the allowed speedlimit) – but after 3 weeks of continuous pollution by daily “Just let it Go” is then a little the air out. At the latest then we begin to ask ourselves how we can give a little more meaning to our existence.

Perhaps you have also asked yourself this question.

In advance: Do not worry, with this question, philosophers, artists, theologians, and many smart people have already been busy since the beginning of time. And even in today’s society, especially here in the first world, you’re definitely not alone with this thought exercise.

In the current Gehirn & Geist article I read now: The ONE and only sense which is equally valid for all of us, just does NOT exist. Rather, our sense of perception depends on several factors. Tatjana Schell – professor at the University of Innsbruck, with her own institute, which deals with the study of the meaning / the sense of life, defined on the basis of numerous interviews, 26 sources of life meaning, the different dimensions (eg. self-realisation, sense of well-being, etc. – see picture) are assigned.

Now it comes to the right combination of various sources of meaning from as many different dimensions as possible.

In other words: with the attainment of personal freedom and the right level of individualism, it is unfortunately still not quite done: even spirituality, tradition, social commitment and/or nature connectedness, as well as many other factors, play a significant role in the significance of our lives.

A nice side effect, which however this brings with it: If we are also there for others, take care of environmental protection, have a fulfilled job or a meaningful task, our thoughts do not constantly revolve around ourselves.

In addition, sense orientation is usually reflected in our consumption behaviour: If I am interested in the moment, I am more interested in new experiences, such as a concert tour or a short holiday, instead of material goods like a new car or an expensive necklace.

Hm, what does that look like to me, have I asked myself back on vacation now? I love new experiences, such as inspiration from distant countries, such as in December 2016 in Costa Rica. However, after I am quite tired of flying, I prefer to spend my summer holiday in beautiful Austria, mostly at my beloved Attersee or on Lake Millstättersee, where also the natural life, combined with much movement (including morning and evening swimming, hiking, possibly connected with looking for mushrooms, etc.) play a great role, along with good food and fine wine or a delicious beer, usually from time to time with family & friends.

Lake Attersee: my favourite place in Nußdorf

View from the Hochlecken to the Lake Attersee

And sometimes we do not make it to the mountain, because these wonderful mushrooms are standing around

View of the Millstätter See from the Alexanderhütte

Evening at Lake Millstatt

Beginning of August, I was able to enjoy sensational guitar concerts with world-class artists every night, whose almost terrestrial sounds still resonate. And also conscious concentration in meditations on the creek with a small waterfall. What a great experience! I also fill in my resources, as I have described here and illustrated with some fine photos. And this deceleration does well; From time to time offline. That also stimulates the creativity, and I am convinced that this is by far more to contribute to mental and physical health than constant shopping trips.:-)

And every now and then I work on vacation, too. Why? Not only because I also have to pay bills and taxes, but because my work is simply meaningful to me and I like to do it incredibly. As I’ve often mentioned, I certainly have my dream job, which I would not exchange for anything else. I love to support other people personally and professionally with great enthusiasm, and I share the happiness with my participants what successes and joy you could experience themselves, e.g. as in the case of the implementation of the learnings from Train-the-trainer seminars or moderation Training Courses (sometimes they let me know, also even much later-backwards)

In general, I am incredibly privileged and thankful to be allowed to work with such committed, creative and open people, also internationally with different cultures, and to have a private and professional environment in which this is possible, so as a whole, to lead a “rich” (not in the material sense) life. This has always been somehow conscious to me, but after 2 serious, but overcome illnesses I appreciate all the more. What I have learned in addition is the enormous importance of mental work and a positive mindset, which I also emphasise in my training courses as THE basis for successful and joyful activities, and to which is also wwwoted a specific chapter in my book.

So is this the ultimate way to happiness? To lead a life that is meaningful and that simply brings joy and cheerfulness? How do you see that? Have you already occupied yourself with the idea of a life filled with meaning? Can you find yourself in the 26 useful sources?

Leave me a comment here and win an English edition of my book “Blossoming Workshops and Seminars Guaranteed to Succeed” worth 29.99 EUR! (I am so happy about the new book, that I immediately place one more summer lottery).

I wish you another wonderful, meaningful rest summer!!

Best regards,