Birgit Baumann

Encourage growth and development,
see how ideas spring up and how people flourish,
allow work to bear fruit and success:
This inspires me, to always give the best.

Through the experiences I have made in my professional life, and through profound training and further education I connect three approaches with each otherthis combination is my USP:

  • As an experienced international trainer and moderator I convey demanding content and activate the creative potential of the participants in interactive training courses and workshops, with the help of neuro-didactic methods.
  • I combine this know-how with extensive experience in the European and Austrian Research, Technology and Innovation (promotion) system: I worked in the European Commission, in the Austrian Ministry of Science and Research and in the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) in programme management and Human Resources. I have successfully applied for three EU projects, all of which have been approved and which I then managed. In other words: I know the various perspectives of the national and international RTI system
  • During my work in the RTI-promotion I also worked intensively on the topics of topics sustainability, climate change and energy. I use the resulting knowledge today among other things in facilitating workshops on the future topic of “Smart Cities” – keyword: Participatory Stakeholder Involvement.

I combine these three aspects – on the one hand training and moderation, and on the other hand detailed knowledge and experience from working with the RTI-promotion and the topic of sustainability – to support my national and international customers. I mainly work with customers from the RTI-promotion, organisations, who advice applicants for EU-FTI-programmes such as ‘Horizon 2020’, European networks, research institutes and universities. I also work with customers from the private sector.

And by the way, my company BusinessMind was launched in 2005.

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