Important to me ...

People, nature and exercise are important to me. If I want to recover from workshops or trainings, then there is only one thing for me: get out into nature, ideally in connection with exercise, like cycling, inline skating, nordicwalking, swimming, skiing, dancing, walking while collecting mushrooms (depending on the season :) ).

And every now and then I also like to paddle. This - however - preferably in Berlin at lake Wannsee with my beloved one.

All these activities are the most fun when together with family and/or friends, whereby the latter is usually also connected with a good meal and good wine.

But being alone is also important as a resource, especially after an event, partly also connected with Yoga including meditation, which I have been practising for years.

Besides, I am interested in other cultures and thus perspectives and other value systems. Andhere I never stop learning! Good and very, very exciting!

Fortunately, I have been able to work for years not only in an international environment, but also in combination with topics, which also interest me very much on a personal level: Research and innovation, sustainability, renewable energy and environment.

And the latter has to be preserved with all our strength, whereby every individual can contribute.

With workshops and training it is of particular importance to me to stimulate the creativity of the participants and thereby support their event goals while having fun and enjoying themselves and stimulate development generally, like it also says on the main side:

Promote growth promote and stimulate development,
see how ideas sprout and people blossom,
make it possible for work to carry fruits and successes  can be harvested:
that is what inspires me to always give my best.

Result: My occupation is my calling. I suppose that is why I always pour my entire passion into it and do not just love sunflowers, but also passionflowers :-)