My Support

No one person/no one entrepreneur can do everything and also does not have the time to really do everything him- or herself. Therefore, I buy important additional support services and I am enormously happy that I can fall back onhighly qualified, reliable support. Therefore, I particularly want to shine a light on these invaluable helpers in the background and make them visible here:

Technical homepage support and SEO consultation:

Philivision GmbH


What would a company be without classical IT-support? Ideally, someone who can also translate the IT-language for ordinary mortals, like for example Kurt Mesaric.

Well, taxes also need to be paid. My tax advisor, Dr. Ronald Buresch. Novoconsult Wirtschaftstreuhand GmbH, advises me in those matters and fortunately in a language, which untaught (tax-wise) people – like me – can understand. And in order to prepare all of that, I now outsourced accounting (with which I could never really make friends), to Andrea Holzer.


Thank you for all your valuable support, which allows me to deal with the essentials: my customers and their needs!