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  • MarcJochemich
  • Birgit´s training workshops were excellent opportunity to learn a lot of useful things in a very efficient way and friendly atmosphere.
    Train-the-Trainer Seminar 1
    Nada Konickova
    Deputy Director at Technology Centre ASCR (Czech Republic)
  • I value Birgit Baumann very highly as a trainer. Her trainings’ hands-on, interactive approach has proved to be the best guarantee that training participants will carry the learning on from the classroom to workplace. Not to mention the fun and team spirit developed during the trainings themselves! Birgit’s two-day training on moderation of large groups helped us to learn and practice new methods for engaging with the audience of large meetings and conferences. It also enabled us to reflect on the role and qualities of a good moderator, and to adopt a goal-oriented approach to designing events and selecting moderation methods. I love the way her trainings are designed to be suitable for a group of mixed levels and experiences – everyone has an opportunity to learn and improve their skills (I also attended the train-the-trainer curriculum inclusing 1 day moderation training, the intercultural communication seminar). I should also mention that as a trainer, Birgit has a very professional approach and she handles calmly and flexibly any logistical or practical issues that may arise, never letting these interfere with the quality of the training!
    Seminar "Moderation of Large Groups"; train-the-trainer curriculum; intercultural communication seminar
    Kristin Kraav
    National contact point for Horizon 2020, Estonian Research Council
  • Birgit - to the full satisfaction of our employees - carries out the basic knowledge seminars on the subject of "Project Management". The choice of Birgit was very clear - her diverse experience, her highly professional accessibility and motivating way of working with the seminar team, all speak for her. With her "killer phrases" such as "That won't work with us, because we do things completely different" do not stand a chance. She will not be distracted from what is important and always manages to show the participants, "What is possible". Thanks to Birgit we now have introduced project management standards and structures to the company. She has played a decisive part in our projects being handled much more professional and structured and that "Project Management" is no longer just a buzzword.
    Project management basics; Consulting for introduction of PM-standars and -structures, Moderation of a project's kick-off-, mid-term- and final-meeting
    Julia Kniescheck
    Head of Human Resources, Vienna Business Agency
  • I was also able to attend Birgit Baumann’s training on communication, during which it once again became clear how multifaceted the subject of communication is. I have to say that the training benefited me in every respect: stimulating talks from the extremely dedicated trainer, garnished with illustrative examples and practical exercises from which I still benefit today; not only in my professional everyday life, but also in my private life. A warm thanks!
    Communication Training
    Stephan Mayer
    Aeronautics and Space Agency, FFG
  • I liked the most Birgit's interactions with all participants (around 12) during the whole training sessions, and her easiness in communication with us. I noticed that she paid a lot of attention on the choice of the training environment, (rooms size, colour, furniture, background noise etc). Also, she continued to email to us once a month, interesting articles on our training topics, so we have a regular follow-ups.
    Train-the-Trainer Seminar 1
    Ebonita Curkovic
    Croatian Institute of Technology, FP7 NCP & PCM for ICT & RI
  • I attended Birgit Baumann’s communication training seminar. It is great that our company funds such seminars but given the insights and personal successes I would even pay for such a seminar out of my own pocket; it is worth it in any case. The seminar was most fascinating, for 2 days I asked myself when we would finally communicate, only to come to the realisation that communication does not necessarily mean talking. The seminar was about the drama triangle, that I can say “stop” and on the interpretation and assessment of that which one hears. Now I understand about complete messages and above all that there exist both real and unreal emotions. We laughed a lot and even the personal feedback was not painful but rather an added value. I can only recommend it to anyone who wishes to learn more about themselves and is prepared to improve themselves actively.
    Communication Training
    Ernestine Stöger
    Finances, FFG
  • Birgit is a detail-oriented trainer, who has deep knowledge of the subject as well as very good communication skills. Training she provides is inspiring and the practical exercises are transferable to trainees' every day job. Also, Birgit has very good knowledge and long experience in EU R&D programs, which is extremely helpful for education in EU related matters.
    Train-the-Trainer Seminar 1
    Aavo Kaine
    Project Manager, Senior Specialist, University of Tartu (Estonia)
  • My participation in the seminar „conflict-free and successful communication” which was lead and moderated by Birgit Baumann in December 2009 has made a lasting impression on me. I gleaned a lot of new insights both for my professional everyday life as well as for my own personal development. Birgit Baumann has an excellent understanding of how to support a group gently, motivate the participants and design the programme in an entertaining way thereby imparting her knowledge almost playfully. Her many-facetted programme allowed a lot of room for creativity and fun and gave me new insights into communication through many practical exercises as well as opening my eyes to many things. They were three unbelievably valuable, informative, exciting and entertaining days which I would not want to have missed. Birgit Baumann communicates her enjoyment of communication and her enthusiasm for working with people. Whoever desires to learn something of themselves and the perils and opportunities of communication between people should attend one of Birgit Baumann’s seminars. It is worth it! “Dealing with each other” is a completely different game afterwards.
    Communication Training
    Michaela Gitsch
    Aeronautics and Space Agency, FFG
  • Birgit Baumann’s Train-the-Trainer provided me with a practical set of instructions on the implementation of my own training seminars. I was particularly pleased that the preparation, training and material were all ideally adapted to my needs and expectations as well. And, I was able to learn and try out select creative techniques which I can use straightaway. I look forward to taking part in further training seminars. I can heartily recommend Birgit Baumann as a trainer!
    Train-the-Trainer Seminars 1 - 3, Communication Training
    Jan Freese
    Manager R&D and Government Incentives, Deloitte Österreich
  • Birgit Baumann’s training seminars are professionally prepared, minutely planned and packed full of information. Only as a participant, one does not even notice this. But rather, I experienced the time as entertaining, highly creative and fun and I was amazed at the end at how much I had learned. And, years later, I am still benefiting from it now.
    Train-the-Trainer Seminar 1
    Dorothea Sturn
    Director, FWF (Austrian Science Funds)
  • For me BusinessMind seminars stand for: Information, experience, creativity, training and enthusiasm. In short: infotaining!
    Train-the-Trainer Seminars 1 - 3
    Sabine Herlitschka
    CEO, Chief Technology Officer, Infineon Technologies Austria
  • Birgit Baumann is a very well-organised, creative and inspiring moderator. As a trainer she is distinguished by her considerable expert knowledge which she passes on to participants in her very likeable way. I have been very lucky to have experienced her both as seminar participant and as colleague and can only say the best of her.
    Communication training, Programme-Management Trainings, Jury-Moderation
    Sonja Kopic
    Programme Manager, FFG
  • During our project management training seminar I was won over by the fact that Birgit Baumann paid specific attention to our particular corporate situation. She was able to impart her well-founded expertise and her practical experience to each one of us in a way which was didactically ideal. Therefore we were not only able to expand our level of theoretical knowledge but the training also had a noticeable positive effect on our team building. In my opinion, she herself embodies the “Jackalope” which she describes in her training, that “egg-laying, milk-bearing woolly sow” which every project manager also has to be – equipped with a capacity for empathy, communicative talent, expert know-how, a healthy portion of common sense as well as humour.
    Project Management, Teambuilding
    Renate Scheidenberger
    Master Builder and Engineer, Baukultur
  • Estonian NCPs had 3-module train-the-trainer training in 2013. We found it very useful in preparation ourselves for the challenges arising from our work in Horizon2020. During the trainings we had a lot of practical exercises and an excellent atmosphere for practicing new ideas and methods on each other. Based of the training experiences we will be implementing some new techniques in our future work, especially in our planned trainings and information days.
    Curriculum Train-the-Trainer 1 - 3
    Estonian National Contact Points (NCPs)
    NCPs at the Estonian Research Council
  • Birgit Baumann is a highly skilled and experienced trainer. The methods she applies are based on sound, scientifically proven, psychological principles. This leads to highly interactive training sessions which all contain a very important basic ingredient: Fun! I was so impressed by the Train The Trainer session in which I participated, that I decided to get Birgit over to The Netherlands to train my entire team. They were as enthusiastic as I was and our clients now benefit from the higher quality of our own training sessions. In a second training session, on the moderation of workshops, Birgit made me experience how I could vastly improve my moderation skills. The use of visualisation techniques was my favourite element in that training, because it draws so much on the creativity of workshop participants. My own creativity was triggered in such a way that I wrote a song about it.
    Train-the-Trainer Seminar 1 + 2, Moderation Seminar
    Koos de Korte
    Manager EU Programmes, NL-Agency (The Netherlands)
  • Before: Hm, yet another event. What should we call it this time? I’d have a few ideas. And how are we going to do the agenda? I would have a few suggestions there. Or shall we just do the same old…? It would be nice to do something different. But with these people? In this time frame? Well, I don’t know... After: So, we are organising a training session. Not an info event or a workshop or a seminar – no, a training session. The agenda is “cool”. We know what we want and we are going to do it too. It will be good for both us and the participants because we will finally trust each other. With TTT, Birgit Baumann kitted me out with everything that makes a competent trainer and made me really want to actually use what I had learned.
    Train-the-Trainer Seminar
    Sonja Heintel
    Expert on mobility / International Cooperation, FFG
  • Birgit Baumann showed with her train-the-trainer seminar extra-ordinary practical methods that were implemented successfully by our team already in various training courses. We experienced with the methods from Birgit that learning can be much more effective and can recommend her wholeheartedly.  
    Train-the-Trainer Seminar 1
    Marion Tobler
    National Contact Point FP7 bei EURESEARCH (Schweiz)
  • Train the trainer 2: worried about endless lectures on theory coupled with unimaginative motivation exercises and uninspired and uninspiring practical examples? Birgit Baumann’s training clearly cannot help you here! As a participant, I was continually challenged and encouraged. I was also immediately able to try out on my seminar colleagues all the theory that had previously been prepared in a form which was palatable and easily digestible. Learning in a “protected” atmosphere makes it easier to have the confidence to try out new things. I quickly realised that I would have first to work hard for a lot of things which Birgit made look so easy. In short: the seminar is informative, hard work but well-paced and VERY worthwhile attending. Now, it is off to put into practice what I have learned and…. I am looking forward to Train-the-trainer 3!
    Train-the-Trainer Seminars 1 - 3
    Andrea Kindler
    Expert Enterprise Europe Network, Technology Transfer, FFG
  • Thanks to Birgit's "Train the Trainer" courses, we've now learnt about the best way to train or motivate our clients, and she tought us with a real sense of humour, clarity and enthusiasm. + She's a marvellous trainer.
    Train-the-Trainer Seminar 1
    Patrick Furrer
    ICT European Research Expert, Euresearch (Switzerland)
  • Birgit Baumann has an incredible way of making people get the most out of everything, incl. themselves and the others, but in such a spontaneous, natural and smooth way, that you hardly notice it, and you feel that everything is just the way it should be, in the right place, at the right moment. The outcome (and my personal feeling) of the Trainer-the-trainer training and the moderation seminar I have attended: the work performed was extremely professional, the energy level extremely high, the team extremely motivated and enthusiastic, and you could feel the positive vibes all around!!! It takes a great trainer to achieve that, and a talented coach to lead the team in the right direction, while making them feel like they have chosen it. And finally, an extremely committed person, dedicated heart and soul to her work, and having the people, their enthusiasm and passion and, sometimes hidden, potential as major driving force. As Birgit quotes on her website: "You cannot teach people anything; you can only help them find it within themselves." And I assure you Birgit can help you do that!
    Train-the-Trainer 1, Moderation Seminar
    Lana Žutelija
    European Commission, DG Environment
  • In early 2010 I attended Birgit Baumann’s training on moderation. The mixture of good preparation, the sharing of knowledge and an approach based on practice and application made the training an intensive and informative group experience for me. Personally I was able to take the following away with me: a pallet of moderation tools given by short theoretical inputs with subsequent group work. I am already using it.
    ModerationTraining 1 - 3; Communication training
    Andreas Holzer
    Researcher, SORA
  • Birgit Baumann held two "Train-the-Trainer" sessions for BIO-NET, a European network of National Contact Points for the 7th Framework Programme. The participants’ feedback was excellent, ranging from "great and interesting" to "this was perfect". Her trainings got so well-known within the BIO-NET network that we will have to organise another, additional session to satisfy the demand. I can warmly recommend this course to everyone wishing to improve his or her own training skills!
    Train-the-Trainer Seminars 1 - 3, Communication Training
    Yasmin Dolak-Struss
    FFG, European und International Programmes
  • I am coordinating an EU-project with 29 project partners, and the Train the Trainer Seminars offered by Birgit Baumann were extremely helpful for me! I got tailor-made hands-on support which I could immediately use in my project meetings. A lot of examples and practical exercises together with theoretical input helped me in getting a perfect background as trainer and more self-assurance, preparing myself also for big international training events and workshops.
    Train-the-Trainer Seminars 1 - 3
    Ines Haberl
    FFG, European und International Programmes
  • It doesn't matter which learning type you are or which learning style you use, "Train the Trainer" seminars really give you an added value. At the very beginning it's like coming to the space - everything huge and new - not knowing whom or what you will meet (variety from Alpha to Omega!!!)....., but when you start using Meta Programming, you are already pretty well off. And when you share with the others, take notice of Birgit's wisdom and have some fun in the team you got the right formula - To be very professional, relaxed and inspiring at the same time! And - YOU ALWAYS WANT TO COME BACK!!!!!!
    Train-the-Trainer Seminare 1 + 2
    Tatjana Švajger
    Ministry Higher Education, Science and Technology (Slovenia)
  • I attended two training courses of Birgit Baumann, both Train-The-Trainer 1 and Train-The-Trainer 2, and every time we finished the training sessions I came back with so many useful information and input for my daily work that I’m looking forward to attend a Train-The-Trainer 3! The trainings were intense but extremely practical and, most important, fun was a key component: Birgit is able to take into consideration all participants needs and viewpoints giving suitable room for comments, personal and group feedback and concrete suggestions for daily work. The concepts and notions learnt are perfectly adaptable to my working environment, not only for training and workshops organization, but also for improving the capacities of approaching and supporting our clients, whatever are their specific needs. I would suggest everybody to attend at least one of the training courses of Birgit Baumann: it really helps to open the mind!
    Train-the-Trainer Seminars 1 + 2, Team development, Moderation of net4society Kick-Off
    Keji Adunmo
    Research Programme Officer at European Commission, DG for Research and Innovation
  • After countless „training sessions“, training and training! I consider myself capable of judging trainers really quite well. The thing which has always fascinated me about Birgit’s training is that, without any apparent effort, she has again and again pulled me out of my training torpor, which is all to easy to fall into. And, without me really noticing it… It is very rare that I have experienced trainers who were so focused and full of enthusiasm and competence, managing even after the nth training session to come up with something surprising and exciting, without losing sight of the needs of the individual participants in the process. Thank you Birgit!
    Train-the-Trainer 1 + 3, Communication training
    Manfred Halver
    IT Expert, Research Infrastructures, FFG
  • A lot, informative, fun – were my final words for the three-word-feedback at the end of two and a half exhausting but diverting days of moderation training. A lot, because the days were incredibly densely packed with theoretical inputs, a multitude of techniques, ideas, experiences, exercises and working steps in the most varied constellations; Informative, because it was continually and consistently working, with all means available, against the tendency to forget things; Fun, because learning here does not primarily involve sitting and listening but rather also experiencing, discussing, trying out and discovering one’s own creativity in the process. It really makes you want more!
    Moderation training 1 - 3
    Ilse Marschalek
    Head of Department Technology & Knowledge, Centre for Social Innovation
  • I attended 3 Train the Trainer courses and a moderation seminar conducted by Birgit Baumann. They all do a power of good to both mind and soul. It is seldom that I have gleaned so much from a seminar not only for my professional but also for my private life. Lively theoretical input coupled with practical exercises meant that time flew past and made me aware of a lot of new things as well as giving me valuable instructions for the planning and implementation of training & moderation sessions. I can but most heartily recommend the courses to anyone!!
    Train-the-Trainer Seminars 1 - 3, Moderation Seminar
    Nicole Schmidt
    Project Manager, European and International Programme, FFG
  • Birgit Baumann is a very charismatic person and always 100% focused. This combination means that she can not only lead a group but also captivate them. These leadership qualities result in uniquely creative, strategically targeted, efficient processes where the goals set are regularly exceeded.
    Train-the-Trainer Seminars 1 - 3, Moderation Seminar
    Manfred Stadler
    CEO, Innovation Coaches Stadler KG
  • Birgit is a very engaging and inspiring trainer. Once you've attended her "Train the Trainers", you'll never again accept a regular Powerpoint presentation as a form of instruction. Training can be so much more efficient - and Birgit teaches you how to do it!
    Train-the-Trainer Seminar 1
    Regina Schneider
    Member of the Eureseach Management Board, Horizon 2020 National Contact Point (Switzerland)
  • What is the English expression for it? Ah, yes! “Amazing!” It describes Birgit’s training very well... learned so much, had so much fun! In her training session Birgit builds up super learning, game and group spaces which generate a lot of knowledge, motivation and competence for the participants and the groups. And the effect is lasting: the “desire to use” what one has learned lasts for a long time. A big thank you to Birgit: that she made all this possible and in her own way, which is so fine!
    Moderationstraining 1 - 3; Communication training
    Aliette Dörflinger
  • In the name of the COMET programme management I would like to thank Birgit Baumann for her extremely professional support and moderation of our workshop! Her understanding of complex interactions is just as impressive as her tireless personal engagement. The new method of brain storming was very positively received by the workshop participants (21 executives from competence centres) and created the desired dynamic and creativity. Conclusion: the teamwork with Birgit Baumann was exceedingly professional and can be recommended without any reservations!
    Moderation COMET Platform Meeting
    Budiono Nguyen
    Expert COMET (Competence Centre Programme), FFG
  • My first training experience with Birgit Baumann for Train-the-Trainer 1 has taught me more than I could possibly have imagined. An innovative, interactive and effective way of engaging an audience for any type of workshops / presentations. On a personal and professional level she is an inspiration and her infectious enthusiasm gives those present the will to participate proactively. I have applied some of her tricks for a recent presentation given to over 50 people and they worked out to have been the tasks that were enjoyed the most from the feedback forms we received. Therefore, I recommend such trainings by Birgit Baumann to anyone who would like to invest in developing their interpersonal skills and I look forward to attending many more trainings!
    Train-the-Trainer Seminar 1, Communication Training
    Diana Spiteri
    Health NCP at Malta Council For Science & Technology
  • “There is so much work to be done piled on my desk. And now I have a full two and a half days of moderation workshop in front of me!” Such thoughts are quickly put aside once one arrives at the place where it all happens. All participants are immediately actively involved, things are discussed, planned, practiced, learned – and there is laughter! It is precisely this positive, motivating and relaxed atmosphere which Birgit Baumann, as a trainer, creates and transfers directly to the participants that I particularly appreciate about her way of working. The aplomb with which she directs the day and the calm coupled with complete concentration and competence which is confirmed anew in each topic area, virtually “compels” one to be enthusiastic about learning and want to take part. The workshop „Me, as a moderator“ was my second training session with Birgit Baumann – and, once again, my experience was that I left the seminar location a much more enriched person: not only regarding the technical input but also with a lot of self-awareness and the self-confidence to use what I had just learned immediately.
    Moderationtraining 1 + 3
    Brigitte Halbmayr
    Institute for Conflict Research
  • I participated in Birgit’s "Train the Trainer" module over a three day period in Vienna, Austria in February 2012. It was an excellent training course, with trainee participation encouraged and facilitated throughout the course. It provided me with excellent insights in how to prepare, manage and facilitate my own training courses. An open-minded, creative and collaborative approach with all training partners was encouraged throughout. The training course was also good fun. I would highly recommend Birgit for any similar training courses that you are considering participating in.
    Train-the-Trainer Seminar 1
    Gerard Kennedy
    ICT National Contact Point at Enterprise Ireland
  • I attended Birgit's 3 days seminar on communication, presentations, group dynamics, design and implementation of training packages. She proved her high professional level, innovative and challenging design of her service, efficient and enjoyable style of working.
    Train-the-Trainer Seminar 1
    Gabriel Neagu
    Senior Research Scientist and Project Manager at ICI Bucharest (Romania)
  • Following a three-day training (Train-the-Trainer 1 and Moderation) with Birgit I would recommend her work without any hesitation. Her professionalism, creativity and ability to bring out the best in you and the team as a whole is simply amazing! The results of the training are especially evident when you start applying everything in your everyday work without even thinking about it...
    Train-the-Trainer Seminar 1 an d Moderation
    Litsa Kountouridou
    Scientific Officer at Research Promotion Foundation (Cyprus)
  • Birgit led the Ideal-IST network training in the winter of 2012. Having been through numerous training courses I was skeptical, was there more to learn? The answer was yes, particularly if Birgit is the instructor. Birgit was able to bridge the gap between my long experience and the complete lack of experience from some of the other participants. To my great admiration she was able to communicate effectively with inexperience participants who had limited English. The three day workshop was demanding but fun, entertaining and never boring. We all learned a great deal. I have employed some of her techniques to meetings and workshops with success.
    Train-the-Trainer Seminar 1
    Kim Davis
    Senior Advisor at Research Council of Norway
  • Birgit Baumann is a perfect trainer. I did 3 Train the Trainer Seminars with her and liked each of them. Birgit combines knowledge with experience in a perfect combination. With a lot of practical examples and learning by doing she helped me to develop my skills. Each of the trainings was extreme helpful and funny. With pleasure I recommend her trainings.
    Train-the-Trainer Seminars 1 - 3
    Ursula Bodisch
    FFG, Thematische Programme
  • For me the project management seminar with Birgit was the ideal mixture of theoretical input, exercises and case studies specially tailored to our needs. I was also inspired by the didactically and methodically perfect treatment of the content as well as the relaxed but still highly productive learning and working atmosphere during the entire seminar. Right from the first minute Birgit manages to involve the participants and keeps them motivated and on the ball throughout the seminar with professional coaching and a lot of humour. It was remarkable how comprehensive a theoretical and practical input Birgit was able to give in an almost playful way in only two and a half days. Finally I have taken away very many helpful tips and food for thought for my daily work from Birgit’s seminar. Thanks once again!
    Projectmanagement Basis Seminar
    Simon Grillitsch
    grillitsch wolfesberger consulting OG
  • The Train the Trainer 1 seminar gave me and the Euresearch association some very valuable tips and strategy to make our events more attractive.The way Train the Trainer is run makes it very exciting. Basically you can experiment on live what you learnt. Euresearch implemented afterwards this new way to design interactive trainings and gained positive feedbacks from participants. During the Train the trainer, you can bring you own training to be re-designed with Birgit's method. First you learn something plus you have fun and are very active during the seminar. We found it so useful for our association that we are about to organise a second one...
    Train-the-Trainer Seminar 1, Intercultural Communication
    Véronique Sordet
    Communication Manager, EURESEARCH (Switzerland)
  • I was actually one of those people who don’t feel very comfortable if they have to ad lib or give a speech in front of a large group of others. The thing which I really found wonderful about Birgit’s moderation training is the feeling of a “safe environment” where one can actually learn how to speak in front of others and moderate in an interesting way. Birgit has the gift of instilling the participants with a sense of calm at the same time as strength and self-confidence. She deliberately allows the participants to make “mistakes” but only as far as to make them realise that one can do it better and never to show someone up. Birgit’s interactive elements are also extremely enriching for our project meetings. I have greatly benefited personally from Birgit’s training and can only recommend her to others. Thank you Birgit!! Three words of feedback: helpful – exciting – super!
    Communication/Moderation, Train-the-Trainer, Teambuilding, Moderation net4society Kick-Off
    Judith Krümke
    NET4SOCIETY project management team, DLR (Germany)
  • NET4SOCIETY is the international network of National Contact Points for Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities (SSH) in the 7th European Framework Programme (FP7). With partners from 41 European and non-European countries, one of NET4SOCIETY's main goal was the capacity building of NCPs. In order to ensure that training seminars provide high quality, professional standards, the project organised, for those NCPs that either assumed a trainer role in NET4SOCIETY and/or those wanting to acquire new skills in organising training seminars for their clients, Train-the-Trainers (TTT) Seminars with BusinessMind. BusinessMind organised three TTT seminars in NET4SOCIETY. The participants feedback from the Train-the-Trainers seminars was outstanding. Participants thought they learned new important skills and had lots of fun doing that! Furthermore, the new skills obtained have benefited the project participants not only to organise high quality seminars themselves, but also to bring a new "culture" of information exchange among the NET4SOCIETY partners. Interactive sessions, brain-walks, and games are now indispensable parts of each NET4SOCIETY meeting/seminar. The initial choice of BusinessMind, that was based on value-for-money and its excellent existing references, proved to be an enormous investment in the NET4SOCIETY project!
    Train-the-Trainer 1 - 3, Communication Training, Teambuilding, Moderation net4society Kick-Off
    Michalis Tzatzanis
    FFG, European und International Programmes
  • Over the years I have worked together with Birgit Baumann in a multitude of different ways: as a colleague in projects, during the design and implementation of FDTI funding programmes, as a trainee in a number of her courses and as a co-trainer in other instances. My experience of Birgit Baumann has shown that she prepares her training courses in a thorough and well-thought out way. The research and analysis of the clients’ individual needs get a lot of attention and on the whole she combines different methods for different learning styles. This means that her training sessions are precisely suited to the clients’ needs, contain, not standardised, but individually adapted case studies or exercises which are always marked by a well-thought out mixture of theoretical input and practical activity. In addition, Birgit has the ability to recognise and respond rapidly to the social dynamics within a group. As a trainer-colleague I learnt how important her meticulous preparation is for the success of a training session and how much more easily one can deal with questions and concrete desires if there is a solid and well-prepared framework in the background. As a trainee I experienced that one learns much more when it is fun and interesting examples and exercises are used and that above all that one retains what one has learnt much better than is so often otherwise the case. Finally - one is always challenged and encouraged and, above all: it was always fun no matter in which role!
    Train-the-Trainer Seminar 1, Moderationtraining
    Sabine Mayer
    Strategy, FFG
  • She is an excellent trainer with a good experience, very interesting and full of innovative ideas.
    Train-the-Trainer Seminar 1
    Namugenyi Loi Mirembe
    Head S&T Information Management Services at Uganda National Council for Science and Technology
  • Maybe you are familiar with boring seminars, unprofessional speakers, unusable content, demotivated participants..., the bottom line being a waste of time and money. Birgit Baumann offers exactly the opposite! I attended the basic seminar, project management and found every minute to be valuable and instructive. Birgit possesses the amazing ability to be able to explain complex technical content in a way that is transparent and easy to understand at the same time as continually exuding motivation. She manages to achieve a well-balanced connection between theory and practice making them applicable to everyday working life. All her methods and processes were always in sink with our specific professional requirements. The content was professionally prepared and targeted towards the essential. The mixture of lecture, case studies and exercises was exactly right. Although I have already attended courses on project management I was still able to learn something new. It was with astounding ease - coming from the many years of experience and high level of technical competence - that Birgit was able to involve all participants completely and create a collectively concentrated working atmosphere within a very short time. In this respect the group dynamic was extremely positive and productive - in no small part due to Birgit's didactic skills. In my opinion, the pallet of tools provided not only apply to professional life but can also be sensibly used in many other areas of life. It is with great pleasure, therefore, that I am able to recommend Birgit Baumann unreservedly.
    Project Management Basic Seminar
    Bernhard Steinmayer
    Programme manager, Wirtschaftsagentur Wien
  • The best thing about the moderation training seminar that Birgit Baumann carried out for our institute was that it was perfectly adapted to our needs. She invested a lot of time into the corresponding preparation. We not only benefited from the content but also from excellent group dynamics. We were able to use a lot of what we had learned straight after the training in our everyday professional lives and we still use the tools and materials that she provided regularly even for internal meetings and workshops. Above all it was Birgit Baumann’s professionalism and personality which won us over. The whole training was marked by a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere which facilitated very effective and motivating work. I, personally, was impressed by her very open and empathic approach to the group and her flexibility when dealing with individual ideas and expectations from the training. I can only recommend seminars and training sessions with Birgit Bauman to everyone!
    Moderation training 1 + 2
    Sonja Sheikh
  • Train-the-Trainer 1 was a great eye-opener, and fun to do as well. I was impressed with how Birgit had a very clever plan behind an apparently free and flexible approach to the three-day training, and herded us with a gentle though efficient hand towards her goal. Observing how she did this was very useful as inspiration for our own trainings. I later had the chance to do Communication and Intercultural Communication with Birgit, and that also gave me useful new insights (and a lot of laughs).
    Train-the-Trainer Seminar 1, Seminar on Communication and Intercultural Communication
    Daphne van de Sande
    FP7 subsidy advisory at TU Delft (The Netherlands)
  • Birgit's Train the trainers was excellent at many levels including but not limited to: - to the European funding cases that I deal with - providing insights on my own and others preferred way/s of learning - approaches applicable beyond the training context e.g. team building - she made a number of 2 hour training slots feel like half that time - helping appreciate how ineffective slides can be if you want your audience to remember what you say
    Train-the-Trainer Seminar 1
    Julian Randall
    National Contact Point Energy and Transport at Euresearch (Switzerland)
  • The only bad thing about Birgit Baumann is not being able to involve her more often in one’s professional everyday life. Amongst her especially remarkable strengths I count overview, an unpretentious manner but a razor-sharp perspicuity which, unabashed, is put to use even in the face of a pack of 150 industrial managers. Birgit Baumann’s perspicuity regarding her own principles coupled with an unbiased open mind towards other concerns and convictions enables a profitable working process with expanded horizons. I have seldom been permitted to work together with such a strong but at the same time modest personality and can only recommend: MORE BAUMANN!
    Moderation of a high-level management meeting of an international utility
    Johannes Vetter
    Head of Communication, OMV
  • Birgit is a highly professional trainer and coach in the area of communication. She has the ability to see each person and bring out the best in them. I have had the pleasure to participate in three different trainings lead by Birgit since 2010 and I have seen and felt the results of the trainings both on a personal and professional level. With deep knowledge of different communication techniques, methods and theories, Birgit easily transmits this new knowledge the people she trains. It’s a pleasure to be part of her fun trainings. Birgit makes good use of her interpersonal skills and focuses strongly on the satisfaction of her clients.
    Train-the-Trainer Seminar 1 + 2; Communication / Presentation / Consultancy
    Sandra Olivera Sanchez
    Analyst and National Contact Point for FP7 at VINNOVA (Sweden)
  • Unusual solutions require unusual methods. Dealing with technical problems such as energy efficiency for a city or region means the almost exclusive involvement of technicians. If left to their own devices, this may well lead to technically excellent partial solutions but does not necessarily ensure that the complete potential of the group is fully used even beyond the purely technical aspects. The decision to get Birgit Baumann to support the development process “paid off” in the true sense of the word. During the three workshops carried out, the group of participants surpassed themselves in terms of creativity which led to some totally extraordinary solutions. This, however, was not all. Birgit Baumann succeeded in directing the discussions, which, while being extremely fruitful, were nevertheless also quite controversial, into a collective and cohesive result. The conclusion for the record: if the aim is to achieve exceptional solutions one has to use the entire creative potential – and Birgit Baumann manages this excellently.
    Moderation "Future Search Conference" + 2 workshops for fit4set project Bruck/Mur
    Harald Raupenstrauch
    University professor, Montanuniversität Leoben
  • "Train the Trainer 1” by Birgit Baumann was a revelation! How could I learn so much without being bored? Playing games, practising exercises in groups, simulating training sessions were supporting the theoretical parts of the training... and helped me gain knowledge, competence and confidence for my communication activities. I was lucky enough to take part in two other trainings given by Birgit (moderation and intercultural communication), where I further developed my communication skills in a funny, interactive, practical way. A few years afterwards, I still regularly recognise or use concepts I have learned with Birgit... which, to me, definitely means that these were successful trainings.
    Train-the-Trainer Seminar 1; Moderation; Intercultural Communication
    Laurence Lenoir
    Adviser at Belgian Federal Government - Cabinet of the Minister for Science Policy
  • I strongly believe that one of the major outcomes of any kind of training, is to get you started into experiencing new things and techniques… As we are on a daily basis flat out busy with routine matters, we struggle a lot in implementing update techniques! Birgit succeeded to handle a bunch of aggressive and noisy salesmen in their ordinary professional life, into a bunch of well-behaved professionals, through a fun approach of serious matters! People having 15 years or longer in the same field, have the feeling that they know everything! Which is obviously a false statement! What was also impressive about Birgit’s training, was the detailed pre-communication and involvement of participants even before the “real deal”. Last but not least, the entire post training communication was second to none, in the way that most important parts of the training were sent out, which gives you really the hunger of continue reading about that specific subject! I personally enjoyed a lot Birgit’s entire training on Moderation! The only negative comment would be that should’ve been longer!
    Moderation Seminar
    George Stanson
    Business Manager CNH Industrial (Austria)
  • Regular reflection on the quality of our training sessions and our personal performance as trainers is very important to the team of trainers at the FFG Academy / European and International Programme. For the purposes of procuring new input and not always “stewing in our own juices” we commissioned feedback from Birgit Baumann. She observed two of our 2-day training seminars and recorded important parts of the sessions on video. We processed the feedback on our training design together with her during a feedback workshop and analysed the video recordings. The ideas, suggestions for improvement and input as well as her personal feedback were extremely valuable. Her experience, expert competence and motivated appearance never cease to impress. Both our training sessions and we as trainers profited from her analysis work and we went about the implementation of our next training events highly motivated.
    (Video-)Feedback on Training(design), presentation und appearance; Train-the-Trainer Seminars 1-3
    Birgit Steininger
    Head of Section Life Sciences, FFG; Head of FFG-Academy/EIP
  • In Birgit Baumann we were confronted with a trainer who approaches her job - refreshing of the techniques and getting to know the new ones in the field of moderation - with experience and a great love of detail. The result - a two day seminar on moderation - was as inspiring as it was taxing. The stringent execution coupled with flexibility regarding changes in group dynamic, her practical approach to new methods without laying too much emphasis on the theory resulted in very positive feedback from all participants. Should your curiosity be awakened: do you know what an Omega castling is? Or a double Disney? Birgit Baumann knows how to awaken interest and channel it into the practical.
    Moderation training
    Stefan Liebert
    Head of Cluster Management, Lower Austria, ecoplus
  • Our Swedish NCP-team attended Birgit’s TTT1 and were so enthusiastic we decided to proceed with TTT2 within the same calendar year, and the next year with a moderation training. Birgit’s dedication, professionalism and minute-by-minute preparations combined with enjoyable and creative working methods have made a lasting impact on the way we work. As a result, we gained confidence and practical skills as trainers, resulting in more qualified and innovative experiences for our clients. Moreover, taking part in TTT1, TTT2 and moderation seminars made us work together as a team, meanwhile respecting the individual differences and unique skills of each member of the group.
    Train-the-Trainer Seminar 1 + 2, Moderation training, Teambuilding
    Linda Bell
    Head of EU R&D Relations Department, VINNOVA (Sweden)
  • Birgit empowers trainers with a set of useful tools which enhance learning. This is especially useful when considering the cumbersome rules and regulations of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). These methods have been tried and tested! Not only do they enhance learning; they also add to my list of memorable experiences.
    Train-the-Trainer Seminar 1, Communication Seminar
    Marie Claire Tonna
    ULC, London's Global University
  • A team of eleven people who, with a lot of commitment, make a significant contribution to the Austrian energy Research and Technological Development (RTD) and technology policy, has a lot to contribute. Often too much at the same time. Is the internal communication and personal resources able to keep up? A two-day team development workshop was crucial in helping to this end. The correct distance between work desk, telephone and topical and urgent debate was a good prerequisite to look more closely and to recognise relationships beneath the surface. The good preparation of our facilitator and her flexible responses to our needs helped us to better understand, where our personal potential and limits are and how communication and work processes can be improved. Concrete measures for improvement were drawn up and all totalled for a clearer picture of our goals and our target way of functioning. Dear Birgit, thank you for the intensive preparation, your commitment and your flexibility during the moderation. Your effort has contributed greatly to the success of this team development workshop.
    Team development workshop
    Michael Paula
    Head of Unit for Energy and Environmental Technologies, Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology
  • In the course of the preparatory work for the new 2015-2017 multi annual programme, Birgit Baumann has prepared and moderated a workshop with 45 innovation experts, and additionally led an internal workshop with 30 colleagues for the FFG. Our experience was - as expected - a very positive one. Starting with the meticulous preparation, through the imaginative design of the event itself (with some extravagant, but highly effective discussion formats) up to the careful follow-up. Even sceptics of the World Café and similar forms of discourse loved it at the end. Birgit manages to let such complex events run "like clockwork". She has more than just mastered the small and big fundamentals of communication and moderation techniques. Paired with many years of expertise on the subjects of research and innovation. Therefore, thank you very much, it has been our pleasure!
    Large groups' moderation on strategy development
    Michael Binder
    Head of the FFG Strategy department
  • After having participated in workshops and trainings led by Ms Baumann, I hired Birgit to conduct a two-day workshop with the team of Norwegian National Contact Points (30 persons), in order to prepare for Horizon 2020. Birgit solved the task excellently. She is extremely well prepared and has not only a wide range of methods and techniques, but – more importantly – the knowledge and experience to know how to use these tools; always focusing on tangible (and well-documented) results. Her professionalism, pleasant attitude, and thoroughness make her an outstanding moderator and trainer.
    Large Group Moderation
  • The ideas - that you thought you have before - will be transformed in a wonderful metamorphosis when you join a workshop composed by Birgit’s spirit. The professional human behaviour’s art she plays hit you and make you brain feel free and open for new insights and challenges. You always have increased you capacity during and after a seminar/workshop/meeting together with Birgit. You always get concrete ideas to bring back to your daily work when you leave and you always want to come back.
    Large Group Moderation / Strategy Development
  • I had heard good things about Birgit’s team working and moderation exercises but I couldn’t imagine that only two intense days would lift my unit and myself to such levels. Besides the instant effects in terms of productivity and working atmosphere we have continued, all by ourselves, to further improve team spirit, motivation and quality. Birgit’s methods and tools serve as the foundation in which we build a future together.
    Team Development and Vision/Mission Development
    Jonas Brändström
  • In the early stages of the FFG, Birgit's in-house training sessions made a major contribution to getting to know colleagues from the other departments better. I was lucky enough to have had Birgit as a trainer during various seminars (Train the Trainer, communications training, moderation training). Her seminars are always informative and entertaining. The atmosphere is professional and yet playful. With a lot of creativity and commitment, she provides her contents in a practical, easy to understand way, so that they stick in your mind. After the training participants can immediately put, what they have learned, into practice. I was able to take a lot away with me from Birgit's seminars - both professionally and private. As a presentation coach, Birgit has successfully encouraged me to convey topics unconventionally. The more than positive feedback from the audience after my presentation has made me very happy!
    Train-the-trainer Seminar, Communication Seminar, Presentation Coaching
    Natascha Hoskovec
  • NET4SOCIETY has profited a lot from Birgit’s exceptional skills and experience as a trainer and moderator. Since 2008 we have cooperated with Birgit on many different occasions. She gave us the confidence to use interactive methods in our own events by teaching us all we need to know in “Train-the-Trainer”-seminars and trainings for moderation and communication. Birgit also helped us to work better together in our network, through her trainings on project management or interdisciplinarity. We had the pleasure to work with Birgit in planning a highly interactive project kick-off meeting that she also moderated. Her trainings are always inspiring and at the same time very practical. As participants we get to try out different methods, get hands-on experience and learn which methods work best in our contexts. As a moderator, Birgit is always in control of the situation and committed to creating an open space for discussion and achieving results. In addition, Birgit has a deep understanding of the European research and research management environment, which makes her the perfect trainer and moderator for us! Nina Berweger and Christina Bitterberg
    Large Groups Seminar, Kick-off-Moderation, Train-the-Trainer-Seminar, Communications Seminar, Moderation Seminar, Projectmanagement Training
    Nina Berweger and Christina Bitterberg
    DLR, NCP-network net4society
  • The week after having participated in a training by Birgit on Moderation of Large Groups I got the assignment to moderate an important event at our agency. When I received the program it was half finished, and the focus was on providing one-way-communication to project coordinators. Using the techniques from the training, me and a colleague, managed turn to entire event around. The tool helped us to make a “boring conference” into an effective exchange of experiences among the participants.
    Moderation of Large Groups
    Joakim Appelquist
    VINNOVA, Director, Head of International Division
  • We’ve enjoyed Birgit Baumann’s professional support and moderation of our project kick-off! She invested a lot of time already in advance to carefully prepare the two-day workshop. Since our NCP-network already had a long history this had to be taken into account for the workshop. With Birgit’s help we were able to learn lessons from the past 8 years of cooperation and turn them into a dynamic and creative approach for our future work within the network, based on common understanding and team spirit. We can highly recommend Birgit as moderator of such workshops since she is capable of the rights tools and methods to get the best results out of it within  the shortest possible timeframe.
    Marc Jochemich & Adrian Klein
  • Birgit Baumann bietet kreative Moderation mit Hirn. Es ist immer wieder ein Vergnügen, mit ihr gemeinsam wichtige Workshops vorzubereiten. Vom Kick-off Meeting einer Taftie Task Force bis hin zum COMET-Plattformtreffen: man kann sich einfach sicher sein, dass es klappt.
    Otto Starzer
  • Offering training is a big part of my job as National Contact Point.
    Birgit showed my colleagues and me that there is more than PowerPoint presentations!
    She is a fantastic trainer and she knows how to help us in becoming fantastic trainers.
    Barbara Spano
  • Design, organisation and moderation of our department closed session were outstanding! Ms. Birgit Baumann guided us with creativity, collection of topics and reflection through the day. She designed the day in a very professional and pleasant way.  
    Emmanuel Glenck
    FFG, Head of Thematic Programmes
  • Birgit Baumann facilitated our 2 days team workshop. Her experience, creativity, empathy and professional preparation lead to an exciting and instructional event, and in particular to an important element for the development of our team! Thank you!
    Clemens Stricker
    FFG, Head of the Energy Team
  • To me, it was a very special training. Instead of the usual communication of knowledge by the trainer, you are invited to actually DO what you are taught. By this, a framework is created, in which we could learn from each other and exchange experiences. Birgit Baumann was accompanying us with questions and input from the sideline. I think it was a very nice way to get started! Seminar "Moderation of Large Groups"
    Michael Kert
  • A perfect training for all those who want to make workshops, project meetings or conferences more productive. The practice-oriented training with many illustrative examples and important methods was tested and reflected by the participants themselves during the course of the two days. The trainer was extremely helpful, had a lot of tips and tricks and lead the entire seminar with a lot of commitment, enthusiasm and an incredible wealth of knowledge. The course was perfect all around, and everyone dealing with (large) group moderations can only benefit from that experience! :-)
    Tanja Tötzer
  • This is a must-read guide & reference handbook for anyone involved in preparing and delivering workshops and seminars, referred to as “events” in this text. It emphasises the use of well-tried and trusted practical and scientifically verified techniques and methods that have been researched, developed and implemented by the author Birgit Baumann over a period of 20 years professional experience in preparing and delivering a wide range of events. I highly recommend that your adherence to the guidance in this handbook will enable you to prepare and deliver professional events that will be well structured and highly engaging for all your event participants.
    Gerard Kennedy
    ICT National Contact Point at Enterprise Ireland
  • "We started working with Birgit some years ago. Since then, Birgit has supported us during various processes. These were, for example, strategic workshops with the WWF management and middle management teams. In June, Birgit accompanied us through a two-day closed team meeting to which all employees were invited. The group included all areas of the WWF; in total 70 people attended these two days. Working with Birgit has always been a very positive experience for me. Birgit invests a lot of time in preparation, which means there are no surprises during the actual implementation. At the same time, Birgit is very flexible in regard to necessary, unexpected adjustments that can make preparation quite a challenge. Birgit herself contributes many ideas, which is without doubt great added value for the organisation as we profit greatly from her expertise in design possibilities as well as from her experience with other organisations/institutions/companies. I appreciate working with Birgit very much and am looking forward to many further and exciting projects with her."
    Andrea Johanides, CEO
    WWF Austria