Blossoming Workshops and Seminars Guaranteed to Succeed

Blossoming Workshops and Seminars Guaranteed to Succeed

Practical Tips for Practical Usage

Are you fed up with inefficient, unproductive workshops and endless, fruitless discussions? Do you want target-oriented events in which the participants enthusiastically develop smart, creative results?

Have you had enough of boring seminars with passive participants, and want to engage them actively in a didactically meaningful learning process? Do you want to move away from randomly prepared events towards solid planning that still allows forenough flexibility?

Perhaps you’re also looking for more self confidence in your role, dealing with groups and preparing, implementing and following up your events?

Congratulations! You’ve come to the right place, because this moderation and training handbook
provides exactly that. Click here to go to the Table of content. Not only that, you can also get a sneak peek at Chapter Five „Guideline to Blossoming Seminars and Workshops“ and Chapter 3.2.1 "Rank dynamics"

What you find here is a practical handbook from 20 years of personal, international experience as a moderator, trainer and project manager coupled with knowledge acquired in numerous professional development courses and certifications.

Is this the right book for you?

You’re still relatively inexperienced when it comes to designing workshops or seminars, and don’t exactly know how to go about it?

Or perhaps you are an in-company moderator or trainer who has attended a crash course in moderation or didactics once upon a time, and now feel the need to brush up the basics and some theoretical backgrounds again?

Or are you perhaps a trainer offering specialisedworkshops and seminars, an expert in your field,but requiring some pointers with respect to the didactical aspects?

Or are you a real professional, offering moderation or train-the-trainer courses, looking for a compact introductory book for your trainees?

You’ll find the solutions to all the above challenges in this book: a compact introduction
to moderating and training groups.

Experts who have tested my book ...

  • The book is a practical handbook, and that’s how it should be regarded. Instead of developing new theories, it provides a best-of summary in an easy to understand way. Baumann builds onthe practical experience she has gained in countless workshops and seminars (among them with Herrmann/Reishofer.) She knows what she’s talking about and you notice this while reading. Previously only available in hardcover, the super cheap eBook edition is a MUST for all moderators and trainers.
  • A highly recommendable handbook that summarises everything you need to plan and hold successful seminars and workshops. Each step is explained in detail, illustrated, and practice-oriented. The methods presented are scientifically based and supplemented with examples from Birgit Baumann’s rich stock of experience as a trainer and moderator. The book makes you want to implement what you read as soon as possible.
    Natascha Hoskovec
  • I was looking for a compact, practice-oriented handbook for holding workshops –without tedious, endless theories and blah blah, but real, solid advice and tips. This is exactly what this book offers. I can thoroughly recommend it!!!
    Martin Hehemann
    Bereichsleitung Corporate Services, Kommunalkredit
  • If you’re looking for tips, methods and strategies for seminars or workshops, you’ve come to the right place! This book packs a lot of these. Well explained and richly illustrated. 1:1 conversion possible. The author has succeeded in summing up all the most important things and wrapping them into one compact book. And even after 15 years of experience as a trainer, I was able to benefit from one or the other idea!
    Roman Kmenta
    Keynote Speaker
  • Birgit Baumann has a unique way of teaching people how to make effective, interactive and, above all, fun training sessions and workshops. In this book she reveals the tricks of the trade and the scientific methods behind them. It will help you on your way to become as good as she is! The best way to enjoy her methods, however, is to register for one of her training sessions!
    Koos de Korte
    International facilitator and trainer
  • When you read this book you can see that Birgit Baumann really understands the world of seminars and workshops and brings out the best in her participants. It’s not only very informative, it’s chock full of hands-on examples and humour. I would recommend every workshop leader and trainernot only reads this book butstudies it too, particularly if they want to be more successful.
    Margit Macchia
    Business Coach
  • Finally a book that contains exactly what I need for my training courses and workshops – and not a word more. The expert, Birgit Baumann, has succeeded in describing all the important ingredients for successful training in a way that makes you just want to go out and do it. The author also explains the latest scientific findings in the field of neurodidactics. This knowledge vividly and logically underscoresthe practical examples presented. The many practical tips and convertible exercises are very valuable and always relate to the respective phase in the training design. Although I’m no beginner in this field, the book enriched me very much and led me to self-reflect again about my actions. It’s a real treasure trove for both beginners and professionals. Thank you very much for this book, dear Birgit Baumann!
    Brigitte Hettenkofer
    Institut NeuroResilienz
  • There is certainly no lack of books on moderation in this world, so why another one? I thought when I first held it in my hand. When I started reading, however, it became clear to me that Birgit Baumann combines workshop moderation and training design perfectly. In both cases it’s about working with people and the question of how one can unite different perspectives in an increasingly complex world – and (!) by doing so, be able to create something new. This not only applies to the way she moderates, but also - and especially - the way she designs training courses. In a world such as this one, it’s important to understand that knowledge doesn’t come from one person anymore. Rather, it is the product of different experiences. This approach is still new in the training landscape and this is why I’m grateful to Birgit Baumann for this book which sends an important signal in this direction.
    Bettina Kerschbaumer-Schramek
  • This book provides lots of practice-oriented tips and tools for beginners and professional trainers. Whether for workshop moderation, training courses or large group seminars, everyone is sure to find the right tools. Reference is made to the ideas behind them for those interested in theory, but it isn’t necessary to work with the tools.