B2I will moderate your events for you!

Bring more dramaturgy to your events!
Your challenge/ Your benefit
  • You want to do away with boring events, and move to events with thought out dramaturgy?
  • Have you had enough of unstructured vacuous panel discussions and wish for exciting and stimulating discussions?
  • You are sick of ill-prepared events and would like to have well-planned, lively events, which are still discussed long after they ended?

Does this sound familiar to you and you want targeted support? Then contact me now!

+43 699 12 57 36 61 birgit.baumann@businessmind.at

3 steps for tailor-made event moderations
  1. Event preparation: During the initial contracting you or a preparatory group tell me your concerns, your challenges and your desires. From that we peel the objectives for your event and bring your core messages into focus.
    I will put many questions to you, in order to achieve a comprehensive picture of your circumstances and needs and I will become the “advocate” or “understander” of your audience: “To which questions would the audience like to get an answer?” On this basis we come up with a tailor-made programme with excellent speakers.
    Think for example about key-note-speeches, interviews or panel discussions. The content briefing shall be carried out by you or the preparatory group, I will mainly do the methodological briefing for input-providers.
  2. Event execution: Leave the moderating during the events to me. That way you also get to enjoy the event.
  3. Post-processing: Approximately 1 week after the event all participants will receive a thank you note from you, and a link to pictures of the event. 1 – 2 weeks after the event, a debriefing with feedback – ideally also with the preparatory group, will take place.
My moderation expertise
  • Experienced international moderator of small and large groups for approx 20 years
  • Certified large group’s moderator
  • I attended numerous international moderation trainings (Download)

You would like to benefit from my experience and my knowledge? Then contact me now!

+43 699 12 57 36 61 birgit.baumann@businessmind.at

  • In the name of the COMET programme management I would like to thank Birgit Baumann for her extremely professional support and moderation of our workshop! Her understanding of complex interactions is just as impressive as her tireless personal engagement. The new method of brain storming was very positively received by the workshop participants (21 executives from competence centres) and created the desired dynamic and creativity. Conclusion: the teamwork with Birgit Baumann was exceedingly professional and can be recommended without any reservations!
    Moderation COMET Platform Meeting
    Budiono Nguyen
    Expert COMET (Competence Centre Programme), FFG