B1I will moderate your large groups with participatory methods

Use the intelligence of large groups!
Your challenge/ Your benefit
  • You are facing a great organisational challenge and want to make the solutions on a broad basis?
  • You are only too familiar with top-down strategies which are not supported and therefore want to include the entire system, to achieve higher commitment, e.g. for developing a vision?
  • You want to do away with endless, inefficient discussions, with large groups and wish to have targeted and valuable communication, where all can contribute?

Does this sound familiar to you and you want targeted support? Then contact me now!

+43 699 12 57 36 61 birgit.baumann@businessmind.at

3 steps for tailor-made large groups events
  1. Preparation of large group events: During the initial contracting you tell me your concerns, your challenges and your desires. From that we peel the objectives for the large group event and bring them into focus. Many of the questions that I put to you, are in order to achieve a comprehensive picture of your circumstances and needs.
    Ideally, a meeting with a so-called “steering group” will take place. These are people that can represent the overall system well, coming from the most varied fields.
    On this basis I will design a tailor-made programme for you with creative methods and issues.
    For large group events with participatory methods formats such as
    Future search conference (in particular for creative envisioning and fields of implementation)
    Open space (for working out solutions with many people, who bring in the topics themselves)
    Appreciative enquiry (for visualisation of strengths and opportunities for organisational development processes)
    Real Time Strategic Change = RTSC (for the awareness of objectives and development of implementation strategies)
    are suited, depending on the objectives. These formats are usually involved in a longer process.
  2. Execution of large group events: Leave the process control and the stimulation of the group dynamics during the large group event to me. That way you will be free, to contribute fully and creatively.
  3. Post-proceeding: Approximately 1 week after the enclosure all participants will receive a flip chart protocol accompanied with illustrative pictures. 1 to 2 weeks after the event a debriefing with feedback – ideally also with the steering group present- will take place, also in order to clarify any further steps. Long-term accompanying / counselling is naturally possible.
My moderation expertise
  • Experienced international moderator of small and large groups for approx 20 years
  • Certified large group’s moderator
  • I attended numerous international moderation trainings, including completion of the international course of systemic organisational counselling in Berlin
  • Further education (Download)

You would like to benefit from my experience and my knowledge? Then contact me now!

+43 699 12 57 36 61 birgit.baumann@businessmind.at

  • MarcJochemich
  • A perfect training for all those who want to make workshops, project meetings or conferences more productive. The practice-oriented training with many illustrative examples and important methods was tested and reflected by the participants themselves during the course of the two days. The trainer was extremely helpful, had a lot of tips and tricks and lead the entire seminar with a lot of commitment, enthusiasm and an incredible wealth of knowledge. The course was perfect all around, and everyone dealing with (large) group moderations can only benefit from that experience! :-)
    Tanja Tötzer
  • To me, it was a very special training. Instead of the usual communication of knowledge by the trainer, you are invited to actually DO what you are taught. By this, a framework is created, in which we could learn from each other and exchange experiences. Birgit Baumann was accompanying us with questions and input from the sideline. I think it was a very nice way to get started! Seminar "Moderation of Large Groups"
    Michael Kert
  • Birgit Baumann bietet kreative Moderation mit Hirn. Es ist immer wieder ein Vergnügen, mit ihr gemeinsam wichtige Workshops vorzubereiten. Vom Kick-off Meeting einer Taftie Task Force bis hin zum COMET-Plattformtreffen: man kann sich einfach sicher sein, dass es klappt.
    Otto Starzer
  • We’ve enjoyed Birgit Baumann’s professional support and moderation of our project kick-off! She invested a lot of time already in advance to carefully prepare the two-day workshop. Since our NCP-network already had a long history this had to be taken into account for the workshop. With Birgit’s help we were able to learn lessons from the past 8 years of cooperation and turn them into a dynamic and creative approach for our future work within the network, based on common understanding and team spirit. We can highly recommend Birgit as moderator of such workshops since she is capable of the rights tools and methods to get the best results out of it within  the shortest possible timeframe.
    Marc Jochemich & Adrian Klein
  • NET4SOCIETY has profited a lot from Birgit’s exceptional skills and experience as a trainer and moderator. Since 2008 we have cooperated with Birgit on many different occasions. She gave us the confidence to use interactive methods in our own events by teaching us all we need to know in “Train-the-Trainer”-seminars and trainings for moderation and communication. Birgit also helped us to work better together in our network, through her trainings on project management or interdisciplinarity. We had the pleasure to work with Birgit in planning a highly interactive project kick-off meeting that she also moderated. Her trainings are always inspiring and at the same time very practical. As participants we get to try out different methods, get hands-on experience and learn which methods work best in our contexts. As a moderator, Birgit is always in control of the situation and committed to creating an open space for discussion and achieving results. In addition, Birgit has a deep understanding of the European research and research management environment, which makes her the perfect trainer and moderator for us! Nina Berweger and Christina Bitterberg
    Large Groups Seminar, Kick-off-Moderation, Train-the-Trainer-Seminar, Communications Seminar, Moderation Seminar, Projectmanagement Training
    Nina Berweger and Christina Bitterberg
    DLR, NCP-network net4society
  • The ideas - that you thought you have before - will be transformed in a wonderful metamorphosis when you join a workshop composed by Birgit’s spirit. The professional human behaviour’s art she plays hit you and make you brain feel free and open for new insights and challenges. You always have increased you capacity during and after a seminar/workshop/meeting together with Birgit. You always get concrete ideas to bring back to your daily work when you leave and you always want to come back.
    Large Group Moderation / Strategy Development
  • After having participated in workshops and trainings led by Ms Baumann, I hired Birgit to conduct a two-day workshop with the team of Norwegian National Contact Points (30 persons), in order to prepare for Horizon 2020. Birgit solved the task excellently. She is extremely well prepared and has not only a wide range of methods and techniques, but – more importantly – the knowledge and experience to know how to use these tools; always focusing on tangible (and well-documented) results. Her professionalism, pleasant attitude, and thoroughness make her an outstanding moderator and trainer.
    Large Group Moderation
  • In the course of the preparatory work for the new 2015-2017 multi annual programme, Birgit Baumann has prepared and moderated a workshop with 45 innovation experts, and additionally led an internal workshop with 30 colleagues for the FFG. Our experience was - as expected - a very positive one. Starting with the meticulous preparation, through the imaginative design of the event itself (with some extravagant, but highly effective discussion formats) up to the careful follow-up. Even sceptics of the World Café and similar forms of discourse loved it at the end. Birgit manages to let such complex events run "like clockwork". She has more than just mastered the small and big fundamentals of communication and moderation techniques. Paired with many years of expertise on the subjects of research and innovation. Therefore, thank you very much, it has been our pleasure!
    Large groups' moderation on strategy development
    Michael Binder
    Head of the FFG Strategy department
  • Unusual solutions require unusual methods. Dealing with technical problems such as energy efficiency for a city or region means the almost exclusive involvement of technicians. If left to their own devices, this may well lead to technically excellent partial solutions but does not necessarily ensure that the complete potential of the group is fully used even beyond the purely technical aspects. The decision to get Birgit Baumann to support the development process “paid off” in the true sense of the word. During the three workshops carried out, the group of participants surpassed themselves in terms of creativity which led to some totally extraordinary solutions. This, however, was not all. Birgit Baumann succeeded in directing the discussions, which, while being extremely fruitful, were nevertheless also quite controversial, into a collective and cohesive result. The conclusion for the record: if the aim is to achieve exceptional solutions one has to use the entire creative potential – and Birgit Baumann manages this excellently.
    Moderation "Future Search Conference" + 2 workshops for fit4set project Bruck/Mur
    Harald Raupenstrauch
    University professor, Montanuniversität Leoben
  • The only bad thing about Birgit Baumann is not being able to involve her more often in one’s professional everyday life. Amongst her especially remarkable strengths I count overview, an unpretentious manner but a razor-sharp perspicuity which, unabashed, is put to use even in the face of a pack of 150 industrial managers. Birgit Baumann’s perspicuity regarding her own principles coupled with an unbiased open mind towards other concerns and convictions enables a profitable working process with expanded horizons. I have seldom been permitted to work together with such a strong but at the same time modest personality and can only recommend: MORE BAUMANN!
    Moderation of a high-level management meeting of an international utility
    Johannes Vetter
    Head of Communication, OMV
  • In the name of the COMET programme management I would like to thank Birgit Baumann for her extremely professional support and moderation of our workshop! Her understanding of complex interactions is just as impressive as her tireless personal engagement. The new method of brain storming was very positively received by the workshop participants (21 executives from competence centres) and created the desired dynamic and creativity. Conclusion: the teamwork with Birgit Baumann was exceedingly professional and can be recommended without any reservations!
    Moderation COMET Platform Meeting
    Budiono Nguyen
    Expert COMET (Competence Centre Programme), FFG