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About the book:

Are you fed up with unproductive workshops and boring training sessions coupled with poor group dynamics? And you would like to know how you can become more confident yourself and how you can make your workshops more constructive and your training more didactically valuable?

Then this book is the best choice for you!

Based on the smart, creative results of 20 years of personal international experience as a moderator and trainer, Birgit Baumann has written a practical handbook. It offers countless practical tips and tools for the role and mindset of moderators and trainers. It leads via the design process to the implementation and transfer assurance of workshops and training courses

and also offers selected methods. Conclusion: helpful support for your work as a moderator or trainer!

Great book for all trainers and workshop leaders!

Anyone looking for practical tips, methods and strategies for conducting training courses or workshops has come to the right place. This book offers a wealth of them. Well explained and richly illustrated. 1:1 realizable.

The author has managed to take all the essentials into account and pack them into a compact book. And even after more than 15 of your training experiences, I was able to take one or the other idea with me!

There are quite a few moderation books in this world – so why another one? … I thought when I held this book in my hands for the first time. However, while reading it became clear to me: Birgit Baumann combines the topics of workshop moderation and training design in a perfect way.

In both cases it is about working with people and the question of how to combine different perspectives in an increasingly complex world and (!) how to create something new.

This applies to her way of facilitating, but also and especially to her way of designing training sessions. Because especially in a world like this one needs the understanding that knowledge no longer comes from one person, but is always a product of different experiences. This attitude is still new in the training landscape and I am therefore grateful that Birgit Baumann is sending an important signal in this direction with this book.

Compact and helpful!
This book offers a large number of practice-oriented tips and tools for beginners and advanced users. Whether workshop moderation or training, everyone will find the right tools here. For those interested in theory, there are references to the ideas behind them, but they are not needed for the tools to work.

THE book for us trainers and moderatorsFinally a book that contains exactly what I need for my training and workshops. The expert, Birgit Baumann, has succeeded in describing all the important ingredients for successful training in such a way that you want to start right away. In addition, the author explains the current scientific background from neurodidactics.

This knowledge explains the presented practice very clearly and comprehensibly. The many practical tips and exercises that can be implemented are very valuable, always related to the respective phase of the training. A true treasure trove for both beginners and professionals.

Many thanks for this book, dear Birgit Baumann

Brigitte Hettenkofer , Institut für Neuroresilienz