We offer specially tailored
(online) team building 
for your team!

  • Do you have the feeling that your (virtual) team lacks cohesion or a common goal?
  • Has there recently been little interpersonal exchange and poor communication?
  • New team members have a difficult start in the absence of onboarding?
  • Does home office & remote workingpose a challenge to your team?
  • Are you concerned about your team’s health?
If one or more of these points apply to you, then BusinessMind’s (online) team building could be the right offer for you. On this page you will find the following information:
What does the offer include?
To whom is the offer addressed?
Why teambuilding?

grow – trust – have fun

What is online team building?

What is achieved in the virtual team building workshop? How is it designed?

The online team development workshop held using online collaboration tools allows your team to experience a better sense of community. Selected interactive methods and tools are used in the hands-on team exercises, which strengthens cohesion and the social component in your team. We create a safe space online that is not about work packages and to-dos, but focuses on people and the community structure. Together we embark on a journey to more collaboration, communication and new perspectives.
  • At the outset we analyse your issues, get to know your organisation and, based on this information, create a tailor-made #Teamday.
  • The main event
    The event provides an opportunity to reinforce trust and team spirit. Together, we ensure that everyone pulls together and pursues the same goal. You and your team can now meet the coming challenges  with new energy and strength. Thanks to online collaboration tools  (MiroWonder.mePadletetc.) and  work in small groups we guarantee that group dynamics and social cohesion can also be experienced in an online environment.
  • As a follow-up we create a small video for you containing the most important elements of this day so that it remains memorable for a long time to come.

If you’d like to know more, simply contact us or read this blog about a specific example.

What can be achieved in a team development workshop?

  • The team and corporate values are clear to everyone, the employees identify with the company/organisation.
  • Open and appreciative communication, facilitates and improves collaboration, even during stressful everyday work.
  • A strong team emerges from the interaction between the team members. By acknowledging the strengths of each individual, these strengths can be leveraged better and the employees feel more motivated and dedicated.

The BusinessMind trainers have many years of international experience with companies/organisations of various sizes, have a lot of expertise with group dynamics and are trained and practiced in holding online workshops. Find more information here.

Who is the team building offer for?

BusinessMind has many years of experience with organizations with a particular focus on RTI, EU RTI projects, sustainability, renewable energy, mobility, environmental and climate protection, HR and organizational development.

The offer is therefore aimed in particular at national and international actors from thematically related companies, initiatives, networks and programs.

In particular, managers and HR managers with their teams from the areas mentioned can benefit from our offer

Why (online) team building?

  • The individual workshop modules are specially tailored to your team.
  • Using interactive methods and tools, the social component is more firmly integrated in your organisation.
  • Team building and cohesion are also reinforced online.
  • Motivated employeesthat focus on team and corporate goals and team values.
  • Build a good community spirit and a strong corporate culture.
  • Professional supportfrom the BusinessMind Team with many years of international experience.
  • Invest unused travel, hotel and event costs(rent, catering, technology) more meaningfully.
  • Manage time resources more efficientlywhile at the same time minimizing the organizational effort as well as the CO2
“Building and expanding a team in the current crisis is a major challenge. Some of my team members have never met in person! There was an urgent need to conduct team development in an online environment.

Birgit and Ben provided the perfect online interactive session, using online digital tools to discuss our core values of teamwork and actions we can take to implement them.

The team building has really brought the team together more – it gave us a good time to reflect – and sensitized the team to the things that really matter to the team (especially in these challenging times).
Birgit and Ben moderated all of this creatively, leaving room for everyone and with enough moments of relaxation.”