• Are you overwhelmed with the (online) implementation of meetings / workshops and want to gain more security?
  • Do you lack the know-how to design exciting webinars or live online training courses?
  • Are you unsure about the handling of collaborative online tools but would like to use them specifically for online moderation?
  • You want the participants to work actively and want to be able to successfully involve and activate them (online)?

Then benefit from our many years of international (online) training and coaching experience!

We prepare you for upcoming (online) moderations / presentations / pitches / trainings and show you how you can plan and carry them out in a target-oriented manner.

BusinessMind gives constructive feedback and helps you to activate your potential. Benefit from our many years of experience and our tips and tricks! We also offer – if appropriate and possible – a video analysis of your performance.

BusinessMind offers – for groups or individuals – interactive and tailor-made

  • (Online) Train-the-Trainer Training seminars
  • (Online) Moderation training courses
  • (Online) Pitch training sessions

(Online) Train-the-Trainer Seminars

 Sharpen your training and presentation skills!!

  • Do you want to move away from one-sided (online) frontal training courses and learn – as a trainer – to motivate and activate the participants?
  • Have you had enough of theory-heavy (online) events and instead want to use everyone’s knowledge and do so with creativity, participation and interaction?
  • Are you unsure about working with groups and want to learn how to guide and steer group work?

BusinessMind shows you the right tricks and educates you in how to make (online) training courses more didactically valuable and practice-relevant. We offer (online) train-the-trainer seminars for employees of organisations / companies as well as individuals!

Birgit’s Train the trainers was excellent at many levels including but not limited to: – to the European funding cases that I deal with – providing insights on my own and others preferred way/s of learning – approaches applicable beyond the training context e.g. team building – she made a number of 2 hour training slots feel like half that time – helping appreciate how ineffective slides can be if you want your audience to remember what you say.

Julian Randall (Head of Grant Office), University of Fribourg

(Online) Moderation Training Course

Learn the fine art of (online) moderation of small and large groups!

  • You want to get away from unproductive (online) workshops and need well-prepared, clear results?
  • Do you also want to collect the knowledge of all (online) participants from larger groups and thus create added value?
  • You don’t know how to use the creative, innovative and content-related potential of a group?

BusinessMind is happy to share with you good practices from many years of international (online) moderation experience. We show you how to plan and carry out profitable and goal-oriented workshops. From the design of the moderation to the selection of suitable methods.

Birgit Baumann convinced our team above all with her professionalism and personality. The entire training course was characterised by a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere, which enabled very effective and motivating work.

Personally, I was particularly impressed by her very open and empathetic approach to the group and her flexibility in dealing with individual ideas and expectations of the training.

I can only recommend seminars and workshops with Birgit Baumann!

Sonja Sheikh (Head of ACR), Austrian Cooperative Research

(Online) Pitch Training Course

Create and perform sophisticated (online) pitches!

  • Do you want to get away from boring (online) pitches?
  • Do you want to know how to get the audience going with your pitches?
  • Do you want to stand out from the crowd with your pitch and learn the 10 commandments for a successful pitch?

BusinessMind offers you interactive (online) pitch training courses in which you not only learn how to prepare a good pitch. You also have the opportunity to practise this pitch and receive constructive feedback in a save environment.

100 arguments and still no sale? I’m the best in my field, I’m convinced of that ?
So why does someone get awarded a worse project than mine?
Not again and not with me! Had a really great online seminar at BusinessMind this week.
Thank you Birgit and Ben for the entertaining and very valuable inspiration.

Dr. Martin Weigl-Kuska , Holzforschung Austria