Y2Training for Large Group’s Moderators

Learn and experience the art of moderating large groups!

Your challenge / your benefit
  • You want to do away with unproductive workshops and instead hold events, which use the creative potential of the group, are fun and enjoyable and at the same time produce smart results?
  • You have had enough from large scale events, which are only a waste of time and money and you would rather have lively conferences and congresses, with concrete results?
  • You want to do away with information events, where the information will be presented in a boring manner and the messages do not reach the audience and instead hold events with pep?
  • You are unsure how to handle large groups and to select the most appropriate methods and would like to see a goal oriented process with participatory approaches?


Does this sound familiar to you and you want targeted assistance? Then contact me now!

+43 699 12 57 36 61 birgit.baumann@businessmind.at

Possible contents of the training for large group moderators
  • Definitions: the role, behaviour, appropriate basic attitude of the moderator
  • Various forms of large group moderation: from the event (e.g. conferences, congresses) to classic large groups formats (e.g. future conferences) to creative combinations
  • The process of large group moderation: preparation, implementation, follow-up
  • Challenges and approaches for large group moderations
  • Try out different large group methods, e.g. World Café, classic working groups, traffic light method, Fish Bowl, marketplace; Interview
  • Creative methods for opening + closing
  • Design your own large group event and take a rough roadmap home with you!


And much, much more! The training session will be tailor made for you!

I am guided by the needs of the customer and/or those of the group. All participants will receive a questionnaire prior to the seminar.

Does the possible content of the training for large group moderators appeal to you? Then contact me now!

+43 699 12 57 36 61 birgit.baumann@businessmind.at

Methodology of the training for large group’s moderators
  • You will again and again slip into the role of a moderator and very much shape the seminar.
  • Trying several methods
  • “Games” to get to know each other, loosen up, team building, … (and “copyingcribbing” for your own events)
  • Work out as much as possible by yourself (sometimes even beforehand) and thus also self-reflection, so that the knowledge will be consolidated
  • Exchange of experiences of the participants – “Learning from and with one another”
  • Self-awareness and self-knowledge
  • Learning with fun and all the senses: visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, olfactory, gustatory

The theoretical input and didactic structure is based on the latest findings in neurological and pedagogical research. The general focus is on “if you try a lot out yourself you feel the effects yourself” and joint reflection with regard to real, training specific contexts. One of the most important things for me is the conversion of learning into practice and the immediate implementation of that which is learned!

Duration of the training for large group’s moderators

2 – 8 days, tailored to your needs

My moderation expertise
  • Experienced international moderator of small and large groups for approx 20 years
  • Certified large group’s moderator
  • I attended numerous didactic and training courses related to this topic (Download)
  • A perfect training for all those who want to make workshops, project meetings or conferences more productive. The practice-oriented training with many illustrative examples and important methods was tested and reflected by the participants themselves during the course of the two days. The trainer was extremely helpful, had a lot of tips and tricks and lead the entire seminar with a lot of commitment, enthusiasm and an incredible wealth of knowledge. The course was perfect all around, and everyone dealing with (large) group moderations can only benefit from that experience! :-)
    Tanja Tötzer
  • To me, it was a very special training. Instead of the usual communication of knowledge by the trainer, you are invited to actually DO what you are taught. By this, a framework is created, in which we could learn from each other and exchange experiences. Birgit Baumann was accompanying us with questions and input from the sideline. I think it was a very nice way to get started! Seminar "Moderation of Large Groups"
    Michael Kert
  • The week after having participated in a training by Birgit on Moderation of Large Groups I got the assignment to moderate an important event at our agency. When I received the program it was half finished, and the focus was on providing one-way-communication to project coordinators. Using the techniques from the training, me and a colleague, managed turn to entire event around. The tool helped us to make a “boring conference” into an effective exchange of experiences among the participants.
    Moderation of Large Groups
    Joakim Appelquist
    VINNOVA, Director, Head of International Division
  • Our Swedish NCP-team attended Birgit’s TTT1 and were so enthusiastic we decided to proceed with TTT2 within the same calendar year, and the next year with a moderation training. Birgit’s dedication, professionalism and minute-by-minute preparations combined with enjoyable and creative working methods have made a lasting impact on the way we work. As a result, we gained confidence and practical skills as trainers, resulting in more qualified and innovative experiences for our clients. Moreover, taking part in TTT1, TTT2 and moderation seminars made us work together as a team, meanwhile respecting the individual differences and unique skills of each member of the group.
    Train-the-Trainer Seminar 1 + 2, Moderation training, Teambuilding
    Linda Bell
    Head of EU R&D Relations Department, VINNOVA (Sweden)
  • Estonian NCPs had 3-module train-the-trainer training in 2013. We found it very useful in preparation ourselves for the challenges arising from our work in Horizon2020. During the trainings we had a lot of practical exercises and an excellent atmosphere for practicing new ideas and methods on each other. Based of the training experiences we will be implementing some new techniques in our future work, especially in our planned trainings and information days.
    Curriculum Train-the-Trainer 1 - 3
    Estonian National Contact Points (NCPs)
    NCPs at the Estonian Research Council
  • I value Birgit Baumann very highly as a trainer. Her trainings’ hands-on, interactive approach has proved to be the best guarantee that training participants will carry the learning on from the classroom to workplace. Not to mention the fun and team spirit developed during the trainings themselves! Birgit’s two-day training on moderation of large groups helped us to learn and practice new methods for engaging with the audience of large meetings and conferences. It also enabled us to reflect on the role and qualities of a good moderator, and to adopt a goal-oriented approach to designing events and selecting moderation methods. I love the way her trainings are designed to be suitable for a group of mixed levels and experiences – everyone has an opportunity to learn and improve their skills (I also attended the train-the-trainer curriculum inclusing 1 day moderation training, the intercultural communication seminar). I should also mention that as a trainer, Birgit has a very professional approach and she handles calmly and flexibly any logistical or practical issues that may arise, never letting these interfere with the quality of the training!
    Seminar "Moderation of Large Groups"; train-the-trainer curriculum; intercultural communication seminar
    Kristin Kraav
    National contact point for Horizon 2020, Estonian Research Council