Y1Workshop Moderation

Learn and experience the high art of moderation!

Your challenge/ Your benefit
  • You want to do away with unproductive workshops and hold events which are fun and enjoyable?
  • You have had enough of wasting your time with pointless discussions and want to have efficient meetings?
  • Are you annoyed by chatterboxes and by people who do not contribute? Would you instead like to have valuable commitment from all, in a lively group dynamics?
  • You are unsure how to formulate the objectives and select the most appropriate methods and would like to have a goal oriented process?

Does this sound familiar to you and you want targeted support? Then contact me now!

+43 699 12 57 36 61 birgit.baumann@businessmind.at

Possible contents of the training on workshop moderation
  • Definitions, role moderator.
  • A successful moderation needs …
  • The behaviour of the moderator
  • The importance of visualisation: to concentrate, activate and to document
  • The importance of the right questions to activate and motivate the participants: “Who asks, steers the conversation”
  • Group dynamic stages and their importance for the moderation design and the process
  • “Rank dynamics” (after Raoul Schindler) and handling “difficult” participants
  • Motivating factors: “How do I get my participants to join in”? From simple tips to putting the ” Graves model” in to practice.
  • Tips and tricks.
  • Moderation design: How do I gain access to the audience? How do I prepare myself? You can design your own workshops and take your rough timetable home with you!

And much, much more! The training session will be tailor made for you!

I am guided by the needs of the customer and/or those of the group. All participants will receive a questionnaire prior to the seminar.

Does the possible content of the training on workshop moderation appeal to you? Then contact me now!

+43 699 12 57 36 61 birgit.baumann@businessmind.at

Methodology of the training on workshop moderation:
  • You will again and again slip into the role of a moderator and very much shape the seminar.
  • “Workshop games” to get to know each other, loosen up, team building, … (and “cribbing” for your own seminars)
  • Work out as much as possible by yourself (sometimes even beforehand) and thus also self-reflection, so that the knowledge will be consolidated
  • Exchange of experiences of the participants – “Learning from and with one another”
  • Self-awareness and self-knowledge
  • Learning with fun and all the senses: visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, olfactory, gustatory
  • Feedback on video analysis (if so desired and if sufficient time is available) supports you in developing your presentation skills.

The theoretical input and didactic structure is based on the latest findings in neurological and pedagogical research. The general focus is on “if you try a lot out yourself you feel the effects yourself” and joint reflection with regard to real, training specific contexts. One of the most important things for me is the conversion of learning into practice and the immediate implementation of that which is learned!

Duration of the training/s on workshop moderation:

2 – 6 days, tailored to your needs

My expertise in this area
  • Experienced international moderator of small and large groups for approx 20 years
  • Certified facilitator for large groups
  • I attended numerous didactic and training courses related to this topic (Download)
  • NET4SOCIETY has profited a lot from Birgit’s exceptional skills and experience as a trainer and moderator. Since 2008 we have cooperated with Birgit on many different occasions. She gave us the confidence to use interactive methods in our own events by teaching us all we need to know in “Train-the-Trainer”-seminars and trainings for moderation and communication. Birgit also helped us to work better together in our network, through her trainings on project management or interdisciplinarity. We had the pleasure to work with Birgit in planning a highly interactive project kick-off meeting that she also moderated. Her trainings are always inspiring and at the same time very practical. As participants we get to try out different methods, get hands-on experience and learn which methods work best in our contexts. As a moderator, Birgit is always in control of the situation and committed to creating an open space for discussion and achieving results. In addition, Birgit has a deep understanding of the European research and research management environment, which makes her the perfect trainer and moderator for us! Nina Berweger and Christina Bitterberg
    Large Groups Seminar, Kick-off-Moderation, Train-the-Trainer-Seminar, Communications Seminar, Moderation Seminar, Projectmanagement Training
    Nina Berweger and Christina Bitterberg
    DLR, NCP-network net4society
  • Our Swedish NCP-team attended Birgit’s TTT1 and were so enthusiastic we decided to proceed with TTT2 within the same calendar year, and the next year with a moderation training. Birgit’s dedication, professionalism and minute-by-minute preparations combined with enjoyable and creative working methods have made a lasting impact on the way we work. As a result, we gained confidence and practical skills as trainers, resulting in more qualified and innovative experiences for our clients. Moreover, taking part in TTT1, TTT2 and moderation seminars made us work together as a team, meanwhile respecting the individual differences and unique skills of each member of the group.
    Train-the-Trainer Seminar 1 + 2, Moderation training, Teambuilding
    Linda Bell
    Head of EU R&D Relations Department, VINNOVA (Sweden)
  • In Birgit Baumann we were confronted with a trainer who approaches her job - refreshing of the techniques and getting to know the new ones in the field of moderation - with experience and a great love of detail. The result - a two day seminar on moderation - was as inspiring as it was taxing. The stringent execution coupled with flexibility regarding changes in group dynamic, her practical approach to new methods without laying too much emphasis on the theory resulted in very positive feedback from all participants. Should your curiosity be awakened: do you know what an Omega castling is? Or a double Disney? Birgit Baumann knows how to awaken interest and channel it into the practical.
    Moderation training
    Stefan Liebert
    Head of Cluster Management, Lower Austria, ecoplus
  • I strongly believe that one of the major outcomes of any kind of training, is to get you started into experiencing new things and techniques… As we are on a daily basis flat out busy with routine matters, we struggle a lot in implementing update techniques! Birgit succeeded to handle a bunch of aggressive and noisy salesmen in their ordinary professional life, into a bunch of well-behaved professionals, through a fun approach of serious matters! People having 15 years or longer in the same field, have the feeling that they know everything! Which is obviously a false statement! What was also impressive about Birgit’s training, was the detailed pre-communication and involvement of participants even before the “real deal”. Last but not least, the entire post training communication was second to none, in the way that most important parts of the training were sent out, which gives you really the hunger of continue reading about that specific subject! I personally enjoyed a lot Birgit’s entire training on Moderation! The only negative comment would be that should’ve been longer!
    Moderation Seminar
    George Stanson
    Business Manager CNH Industrial (Austria)
  • The best thing about the moderation training seminar that Birgit Baumann carried out for our institute was that it was perfectly adapted to our needs. She invested a lot of time into the corresponding preparation. We not only benefited from the content but also from excellent group dynamics. We were able to use a lot of what we had learned straight after the training in our everyday professional lives and we still use the tools and materials that she provided regularly even for internal meetings and workshops. Above all it was Birgit Baumann’s professionalism and personality which won us over. The whole training was marked by a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere which facilitated very effective and motivating work. I, personally, was impressed by her very open and empathic approach to the group and her flexibility when dealing with individual ideas and expectations from the training. I can only recommend seminars and training sessions with Birgit Bauman to everyone!
    Moderation training 1 + 2
    Sonja Sheikh
  • I was actually one of those people who don’t feel very comfortable if they have to ad lib or give a speech in front of a large group of others. The thing which I really found wonderful about Birgit’s moderation training is the feeling of a “safe environment” where one can actually learn how to speak in front of others and moderate in an interesting way. Birgit has the gift of instilling the participants with a sense of calm at the same time as strength and self-confidence. She deliberately allows the participants to make “mistakes” but only as far as to make them realise that one can do it better and never to show someone up. Birgit’s interactive elements are also extremely enriching for our project meetings. I have greatly benefited personally from Birgit’s training and can only recommend her to others. Thank you Birgit!! Three words of feedback: helpful – exciting – super!
    Communication/Moderation, Train-the-Trainer, Teambuilding, Moderation net4society Kick-Off
    Judith Krümke
    NET4SOCIETY project management team, DLR (Germany)
  • Following a three-day training (Train-the-Trainer 1 and Moderation) with Birgit I would recommend her work without any hesitation. Her professionalism, creativity and ability to bring out the best in you and the team as a whole is simply amazing! The results of the training are especially evident when you start applying everything in your everyday work without even thinking about it...
    Train-the-Trainer Seminar 1 an d Moderation
    Litsa Kountouridou
    Scientific Officer at Research Promotion Foundation (Cyprus)
  • “There is so much work to be done piled on my desk. And now I have a full two and a half days of moderation workshop in front of me!” Such thoughts are quickly put aside once one arrives at the place where it all happens. All participants are immediately actively involved, things are discussed, planned, practiced, learned – and there is laughter! It is precisely this positive, motivating and relaxed atmosphere which Birgit Baumann, as a trainer, creates and transfers directly to the participants that I particularly appreciate about her way of working. The aplomb with which she directs the day and the calm coupled with complete concentration and competence which is confirmed anew in each topic area, virtually “compels” one to be enthusiastic about learning and want to take part. The workshop „Me, as a moderator“ was my second training session with Birgit Baumann – and, once again, my experience was that I left the seminar location a much more enriched person: not only regarding the technical input but also with a lot of self-awareness and the self-confidence to use what I had just learned immediately.
    Moderationtraining 1 + 3
    Brigitte Halbmayr
    Institute for Conflict Research
  • What is the English expression for it? Ah, yes! “Amazing!” It describes Birgit’s training very well... learned so much, had so much fun! In her training session Birgit builds up super learning, game and group spaces which generate a lot of knowledge, motivation and competence for the participants and the groups. And the effect is lasting: the “desire to use” what one has learned lasts for a long time. A big thank you to Birgit: that she made all this possible and in her own way, which is so fine!
    Moderationstraining 1 - 3; Communication training
    Aliette Dörflinger
  • I attended 3 Train the Trainer courses and a moderation seminar conducted by Birgit Baumann. They all do a power of good to both mind and soul. It is seldom that I have gleaned so much from a seminar not only for my professional but also for my private life. Lively theoretical input coupled with practical exercises meant that time flew past and made me aware of a lot of new things as well as giving me valuable instructions for the planning and implementation of training & moderation sessions. I can but most heartily recommend the courses to anyone!!
    Train-the-Trainer Seminars 1 - 3, Moderation Seminar
    Nicole Schmidt
    Project Manager, European and International Programme, FFG
  • A lot, informative, fun – were my final words for the three-word-feedback at the end of two and a half exhausting but diverting days of moderation training. A lot, because the days were incredibly densely packed with theoretical inputs, a multitude of techniques, ideas, experiences, exercises and working steps in the most varied constellations; Informative, because it was continually and consistently working, with all means available, against the tendency to forget things; Fun, because learning here does not primarily involve sitting and listening but rather also experiencing, discussing, trying out and discovering one’s own creativity in the process. It really makes you want more!
    Moderation training 1 - 3
    Ilse Marschalek
    Head of Department Technology & Knowledge, Centre for Social Innovation
  • In early 2010 I attended Birgit Baumann’s training on moderation. The mixture of good preparation, the sharing of knowledge and an approach based on practice and application made the training an intensive and informative group experience for me. Personally I was able to take the following away with me: a pallet of moderation tools given by short theoretical inputs with subsequent group work. I am already using it.
    ModerationTraining 1 - 3; Communication training
    Andreas Holzer
    Researcher, SORA
  • Birgit Baumann is a highly skilled and experienced trainer. The methods she applies are based on sound, scientifically proven, psychological principles. This leads to highly interactive training sessions which all contain a very important basic ingredient: Fun! I was so impressed by the Train The Trainer session in which I participated, that I decided to get Birgit over to The Netherlands to train my entire team. They were as enthusiastic as I was and our clients now benefit from the higher quality of our own training sessions. In a second training session, on the moderation of workshops, Birgit made me experience how I could vastly improve my moderation skills. The use of visualisation techniques was my favourite element in that training, because it draws so much on the creativity of workshop participants. My own creativity was triggered in such a way that I wrote a song about it.
    Train-the-Trainer Seminar 1 + 2, Moderation Seminar
    Koos de Korte
    Manager EU Programmes, NL-Agency (The Netherlands)
  • Birgit Baumann is a very well-organised, creative and inspiring moderator. As a trainer she is distinguished by her considerable expert knowledge which she passes on to participants in her very likeable way. I have been very lucky to have experienced her both as seminar participant and as colleague and can only say the best of her.
    Communication training, Programme-Management Trainings, Jury-Moderation
    Sonja Kopic
    Programme Manager, FFG
  • I value Birgit Baumann very highly as a trainer. Her trainings’ hands-on, interactive approach has proved to be the best guarantee that training participants will carry the learning on from the classroom to workplace. Not to mention the fun and team spirit developed during the trainings themselves! Birgit’s two-day training on moderation of large groups helped us to learn and practice new methods for engaging with the audience of large meetings and conferences. It also enabled us to reflect on the role and qualities of a good moderator, and to adopt a goal-oriented approach to designing events and selecting moderation methods. I love the way her trainings are designed to be suitable for a group of mixed levels and experiences – everyone has an opportunity to learn and improve their skills (I also attended the train-the-trainer curriculum inclusing 1 day moderation training, the intercultural communication seminar). I should also mention that as a trainer, Birgit has a very professional approach and she handles calmly and flexibly any logistical or practical issues that may arise, never letting these interfere with the quality of the training!
    Seminar "Moderation of Large Groups"; train-the-trainer curriculum; intercultural communication seminar
    Kristin Kraav
    National contact point for Horizon 2020, Estonian Research Council