Z1PM-Methods and Processes

Improve your project management skills!

Your challenge/ Your benefit
  • You want to do away with inefficient project work and hold projects that will be completed effectively with the appropriate methods?
  • Do you sometimes have the impression that you are turning around in a circle, start again from the beginning and would like to have more progress in the project?
  • You want to move away from projects where all the participants are moaning, to projects that bring joy and success?
  • You are not sure which methods and processes apply to your project and you would like to bring structure to your project?

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Possible contents of the seminar on project management methods and processes:
  • Project definition
  • Theoretical overview and practical application of the following project management methods or planning tools:
    • Project boundary definition (in particular target definition) and project context analysis (especially stakeholder analysis and management)
    • Project assignment
    • Project scope planning and task allocation
    • Project schedule planning
    • Project resources and cost planning
    • Project risk analysis
  • Project management processes: Project initiation; Start, Coordination, Controlling (iteratively instead of sequential), Marketing, (crisis), Close-down; Evaluation


And much, much more! The training courses will be tailor made for you!

I am guided by the needs of the customer and/or those of the group. All participants will receive a questionnaire prior to the seminar.

Does the possible content of the project management seminar appeal to you? Then contact me now!

+43 699 12 57 36 61 birgit.baumann@businessmind.at

Methodology of the seminar on project management methods and processes
  • Working on your own project or a creative fictitious project
  • Brief theoretical inputs with many subsequent exercises
  • Work out as much as possible by yourself (sometimes even beforehand) and thus also self-reflection, so that the knowledge will be consolidated
  • Exchange of experiences of the participants – “Learning from and with one another”
  • Self-awareness and self-knowledge
  • Learning with fun and all the senses: visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, olfactory, gustatory

The theoretical input and didactic structure is based on the latest findings in neurological and pedagogical research . The general focus is on “if you try a lot out yourself you feel the effects yourself” and joint reflection with regard to real, training specific contexts. One of the most important things for me is the conversion of learning into practice and the immediate implementation of that which is learned!

Duration of the seminar on project management methods and processes:

2 – 6 days, tailored to your needs

My project management expertise
  • Experienced international project and programme manager for 20 years
  • Experienced international project and programme management trainer, e.g. as a lecturer for the University of Bern (CH) as part of the course “research management”
  • Certified Senior Project Manager (zSPM) according to IPMA
  • I attended many project management trainings, including the Train-the-Trainer training for project management (Download)
  • Maybe you are familiar with boring seminars, unprofessional speakers, unusable content, demotivated participants..., the bottom line being a waste of time and money. Birgit Baumann offers exactly the opposite! I attended the basic seminar, project management and found every minute to be valuable and instructive. Birgit possesses the amazing ability to be able to explain complex technical content in a way that is transparent and easy to understand at the same time as continually exuding motivation. She manages to achieve a well-balanced connection between theory and practice making them applicable to everyday working life. All her methods and processes were always in sink with our specific professional requirements. The content was professionally prepared and targeted towards the essential. The mixture of lecture, case studies and exercises was exactly right. Although I have already attended courses on project management I was still able to learn something new. It was with astounding ease - coming from the many years of experience and high level of technical competence - that Birgit was able to involve all participants completely and create a collectively concentrated working atmosphere within a very short time. In this respect the group dynamic was extremely positive and productive - in no small part due to Birgit's didactic skills. In my opinion, the pallet of tools provided not only apply to professional life but can also be sensibly used in many other areas of life. It is with great pleasure, therefore, that I am able to recommend Birgit Baumann unreservedly.
    Project Management Basic Seminar
    Bernhard Steinmayer
    Programme manager, Wirtschaftsagentur Wien
  • For me the project management seminar with Birgit was the ideal mixture of theoretical input, exercises and case studies specially tailored to our needs. I was also inspired by the didactically and methodically perfect treatment of the content as well as the relaxed but still highly productive learning and working atmosphere during the entire seminar. Right from the first minute Birgit manages to involve the participants and keeps them motivated and on the ball throughout the seminar with professional coaching and a lot of humour. It was remarkable how comprehensive a theoretical and practical input Birgit was able to give in an almost playful way in only two and a half days. Finally I have taken away very many helpful tips and food for thought for my daily work from Birgit’s seminar. Thanks once again!
    Projectmanagement Basis Seminar
    Simon Grillitsch
    grillitsch wolfesberger consulting OG
  • During our project management training seminar I was won over by the fact that Birgit Baumann paid specific attention to our particular corporate situation. She was able to impart her well-founded expertise and her practical experience to each one of us in a way which was didactically ideal. Therefore we were not only able to expand our level of theoretical knowledge but the training also had a noticeable positive effect on our team building. In my opinion, she herself embodies the “Jackalope” which she describes in her training, that “egg-laying, milk-bearing woolly sow” which every project manager also has to be – equipped with a capacity for empathy, communicative talent, expert know-how, a healthy portion of common sense as well as humour.
    Project Management, Teambuilding
    Renate Scheidenberger
    Master Builder and Engineer, Baukultur
  • Birgit Baumann is a very well-organised, creative and inspiring moderator. As a trainer she is distinguished by her considerable expert knowledge which she passes on to participants in her very likeable way. I have been very lucky to have experienced her both as seminar participant and as colleague and can only say the best of her.
    Communication training, Programme-Management Trainings, Jury-Moderation
    Sonja Kopic
    Programme Manager, FFG
  • Birgit - to the full satisfaction of our employees - carries out the basic knowledge seminars on the subject of "Project Management". The choice of Birgit was very clear - her diverse experience, her highly professional accessibility and motivating way of working with the seminar team, all speak for her. With her "killer phrases" such as "That won't work with us, because we do things completely different" do not stand a chance. She will not be distracted from what is important and always manages to show the participants, "What is possible". Thanks to Birgit we now have introduced project management standards and structures to the company. She has played a decisive part in our projects being handled much more professional and structured and that "Project Management" is no longer just a buzzword.
    Project management basics; Consulting for introduction of PM-standars and -structures, Moderation of a project's kick-off-, mid-term- and final-meeting
    Julia Kniescheck
    Head of Human Resources, Vienna Business Agency