X2Presentation Seminars

Improve your presentation skills!

Your challenge/ Your benefit
  • Have you acknowledged that your messages do not have any impact and want to communicate more successfully and in a more targeted manner?
  • Are you unsure on how to address your target audience and want to skillfully place your key messages
  • Have you had enough of bad presentations and want to make your input exciting?

Does this sound familiar to you and you want targeted assistance? Then contact me now!

+43 699 12 57 36 61 birgit.baumann@businessmind.at

Possible contents of the presentation seminar
  • Work on your own lectures
  • A successful presentation needs …
  • Key Messages: my target audience needs … /should experience … / should take away …
  • Goals of a presentation
  • Build up and structure of presentations
  • Beginning of lectures: “As you make your bed, so you will lie in it.”
  • The ending of lectures: “The last thing said is what sticks most!”
  • Working with various media: Power Point with a projector, as well as with durable media like pin boards and flip chart

And much, much more! The Training course will be tailor made for you!

I am guided by the needs of the customer and/or those of the group. All participants will receive a questionnaire prior to the seminar.

Does the possible content of the presentation Seminar appeal to you? Then contact me now!

+43 699 12 57 36 61 birgit.baumann@businessmind.at

Methodology presentation seminar
  • The theoretical input is tested directly on your real life examples.
  • Work out as much as possible by yourself (sometimes even beforehand) and thus also self-reflection, so that the knowledge will be consolidated
  • Exchange of experiences of the participants – “Learning from and with one another”
  • Self-awareness and self-knowledge
  • Learning with fun and all the senses: visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, olfactory, gustatory
  • Feedback on video analysis (if so desired and if sufficient time is available) supports you in developing your presentation skills.

The theoretical input and didactic structure is based on the latest findings in communication studies. The general focus is on “if you try a lot out yourself you feel the effects yourself” and joint reflection with regard to real, training specific contexts. One of the most important things for me is the conversion of learning into practice and the immediate implementation of that which is learned!

Duration of the seminar on presentation

1 – 2 days, tailored to your needs

My expertise in this area
  • Experienced international trainer and coach since 2005
  • Certified NLP and Trinergy trainer + NLP coach
  • Certified business coach + certified business trainer
  • I attended numerous didactic and training courses related to this topic (Download)
  • NET4SOCIETY has profited a lot from Birgit’s exceptional skills and experience as a trainer and moderator. Since 2008 we have cooperated with Birgit on many different occasions. She gave us the confidence to use interactive methods in our own events by teaching us all we need to know in “Train-the-Trainer”-seminars and trainings for moderation and communication. Birgit also helped us to work better together in our network, through her trainings on project management or interdisciplinarity. We had the pleasure to work with Birgit in planning a highly interactive project kick-off meeting that she also moderated. Her trainings are always inspiring and at the same time very practical. As participants we get to try out different methods, get hands-on experience and learn which methods work best in our contexts. As a moderator, Birgit is always in control of the situation and committed to creating an open space for discussion and achieving results. In addition, Birgit has a deep understanding of the European research and research management environment, which makes her the perfect trainer and moderator for us! Nina Berweger and Christina Bitterberg
    Large Groups Seminar, Kick-off-Moderation, Train-the-Trainer-Seminar, Communications Seminar, Moderation Seminar, Projectmanagement Training
    Nina Berweger and Christina Bitterberg
    DLR, NCP-network net4society
  • In the early stages of the FFG, Birgit's in-house training sessions made a major contribution to getting to know colleagues from the other departments better. I was lucky enough to have had Birgit as a trainer during various seminars (Train the Trainer, communications training, moderation training). Her seminars are always informative and entertaining. The atmosphere is professional and yet playful. With a lot of creativity and commitment, she provides her contents in a practical, easy to understand way, so that they stick in your mind. After the training participants can immediately put, what they have learned, into practice. I was able to take a lot away with me from Birgit's seminars - both professionally and private. As a presentation coach, Birgit has successfully encouraged me to convey topics unconventionally. The more than positive feedback from the audience after my presentation has made me very happy!
    Train-the-trainer Seminar, Communication Seminar, Presentation Coaching
    Natascha Hoskovec
  • Birgit empowers trainers with a set of useful tools which enhance learning. This is especially useful when considering the cumbersome rules and regulations of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). These methods have been tried and tested! Not only do they enhance learning; they also add to my list of memorable experiences.
    Train-the-Trainer Seminar 1, Communication Seminar
    Marie Claire Tonna
    ULC, London's Global University
  • "Train the Trainer 1” by Birgit Baumann was a revelation! How could I learn so much without being bored? Playing games, practising exercises in groups, simulating training sessions were supporting the theoretical parts of the training... and helped me gain knowledge, competence and confidence for my communication activities. I was lucky enough to take part in two other trainings given by Birgit (moderation and intercultural communication), where I further developed my communication skills in a funny, interactive, practical way. A few years afterwards, I still regularly recognise or use concepts I have learned with Birgit... which, to me, definitely means that these were successful trainings.
    Train-the-Trainer Seminar 1; Moderation; Intercultural Communication
    Laurence Lenoir
    Adviser at Belgian Federal Government - Cabinet of the Minister for Science Policy
  • Birgit is a highly professional trainer and coach in the area of communication. She has the ability to see each person and bring out the best in them. I have had the pleasure to participate in three different trainings lead by Birgit since 2010 and I have seen and felt the results of the trainings both on a personal and professional level. With deep knowledge of different communication techniques, methods and theories, Birgit easily transmits this new knowledge the people she trains. It’s a pleasure to be part of her fun trainings. Birgit makes good use of her interpersonal skills and focuses strongly on the satisfaction of her clients.
    Train-the-Trainer Seminar 1 + 2; Communication / Presentation / Consultancy
    Sandra Olivera Sanchez
    Analyst and National Contact Point for FP7 at VINNOVA (Sweden)
  • Train-the-Trainer 1 was a great eye-opener, and fun to do as well. I was impressed with how Birgit had a very clever plan behind an apparently free and flexible approach to the three-day training, and herded us with a gentle though efficient hand towards her goal. Observing how she did this was very useful as inspiration for our own trainings. I later had the chance to do Communication and Intercultural Communication with Birgit, and that also gave me useful new insights (and a lot of laughs).
    Train-the-Trainer Seminar 1, Seminar on Communication and Intercultural Communication
    Daphne van de Sande
    FP7 subsidy advisory at TU Delft (The Netherlands)
  • NET4SOCIETY is the international network of National Contact Points for Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities (SSH) in the 7th European Framework Programme (FP7). With partners from 41 European and non-European countries, one of NET4SOCIETY's main goal was the capacity building of NCPs. In order to ensure that training seminars provide high quality, professional standards, the project organised, for those NCPs that either assumed a trainer role in NET4SOCIETY and/or those wanting to acquire new skills in organising training seminars for their clients, Train-the-Trainers (TTT) Seminars with BusinessMind. BusinessMind organised three TTT seminars in NET4SOCIETY. The participants feedback from the Train-the-Trainers seminars was outstanding. Participants thought they learned new important skills and had lots of fun doing that! Furthermore, the new skills obtained have benefited the project participants not only to organise high quality seminars themselves, but also to bring a new "culture" of information exchange among the NET4SOCIETY partners. Interactive sessions, brain-walks, and games are now indispensable parts of each NET4SOCIETY meeting/seminar. The initial choice of BusinessMind, that was based on value-for-money and its excellent existing references, proved to be an enormous investment in the NET4SOCIETY project!
    Train-the-Trainer 1 - 3, Communication Training, Teambuilding, Moderation net4society Kick-Off
    Michalis Tzatzanis
    FFG, European und International Programmes
  • I was actually one of those people who don’t feel very comfortable if they have to ad lib or give a speech in front of a large group of others. The thing which I really found wonderful about Birgit’s moderation training is the feeling of a “safe environment” where one can actually learn how to speak in front of others and moderate in an interesting way. Birgit has the gift of instilling the participants with a sense of calm at the same time as strength and self-confidence. She deliberately allows the participants to make “mistakes” but only as far as to make them realise that one can do it better and never to show someone up. Birgit’s interactive elements are also extremely enriching for our project meetings. I have greatly benefited personally from Birgit’s training and can only recommend her to others. Thank you Birgit!! Three words of feedback: helpful – exciting – super!
    Communication/Moderation, Train-the-Trainer, Teambuilding, Moderation net4society Kick-Off
    Judith Krümke
    NET4SOCIETY project management team, DLR (Germany)
  • The Train the Trainer 1 seminar gave me and the Euresearch association some very valuable tips and strategy to make our events more attractive.The way Train the Trainer is run makes it very exciting. Basically you can experiment on live what you learnt. Euresearch implemented afterwards this new way to design interactive trainings and gained positive feedbacks from participants. During the Train the trainer, you can bring you own training to be re-designed with Birgit's method. First you learn something plus you have fun and are very active during the seminar. We found it so useful for our association that we are about to organise a second one...
    Train-the-Trainer Seminar 1, Intercultural Communication
    Véronique Sordet
    Communication Manager, EURESEARCH (Switzerland)
  • My first training experience with Birgit Baumann for Train-the-Trainer 1 has taught me more than I could possibly have imagined. An innovative, interactive and effective way of engaging an audience for any type of workshops / presentations. On a personal and professional level she is an inspiration and her infectious enthusiasm gives those present the will to participate proactively. I have applied some of her tricks for a recent presentation given to over 50 people and they worked out to have been the tasks that were enjoyed the most from the feedback forms we received. Therefore, I recommend such trainings by Birgit Baumann to anyone who would like to invest in developing their interpersonal skills and I look forward to attending many more trainings!
    Train-the-Trainer Seminar 1, Communication Training
    Diana Spiteri
    Health NCP at Malta Council For Science & Technology
  • What is the English expression for it? Ah, yes! “Amazing!” It describes Birgit’s training very well... learned so much, had so much fun! In her training session Birgit builds up super learning, game and group spaces which generate a lot of knowledge, motivation and competence for the participants and the groups. And the effect is lasting: the “desire to use” what one has learned lasts for a long time. A big thank you to Birgit: that she made all this possible and in her own way, which is so fine!
    Moderationstraining 1 - 3; Communication training
    Aliette Dörflinger
  • After countless „training sessions“, training and training! I consider myself capable of judging trainers really quite well. The thing which has always fascinated me about Birgit’s training is that, without any apparent effort, she has again and again pulled me out of my training torpor, which is all to easy to fall into. And, without me really noticing it… It is very rare that I have experienced trainers who were so focused and full of enthusiasm and competence, managing even after the nth training session to come up with something surprising and exciting, without losing sight of the needs of the individual participants in the process. Thank you Birgit!
    Train-the-Trainer 1 + 3, Communication training
    Manfred Halver
    IT Expert, Research Infrastructures, FFG
  • Birgit Baumann held two "Train-the-Trainer" sessions for BIO-NET, a European network of National Contact Points for the 7th Framework Programme. The participants’ feedback was excellent, ranging from "great and interesting" to "this was perfect". Her trainings got so well-known within the BIO-NET network that we will have to organise another, additional session to satisfy the demand. I can warmly recommend this course to everyone wishing to improve his or her own training skills!
    Train-the-Trainer Seminars 1 - 3, Communication Training
    Yasmin Dolak-Struss
    FFG, European und International Programmes
  • In early 2010 I attended Birgit Baumann’s training on moderation. The mixture of good preparation, the sharing of knowledge and an approach based on practice and application made the training an intensive and informative group experience for me. Personally I was able to take the following away with me: a pallet of moderation tools given by short theoretical inputs with subsequent group work. I am already using it.
    ModerationTraining 1 - 3; Communication training
    Andreas Holzer
    Researcher, SORA
  • Birgit Baumann is a very well-organised, creative and inspiring moderator. As a trainer she is distinguished by her considerable expert knowledge which she passes on to participants in her very likeable way. I have been very lucky to have experienced her both as seminar participant and as colleague and can only say the best of her.
    Communication training, Programme-Management Trainings, Jury-Moderation
    Sonja Kopic
    Programme Manager, FFG
  • Birgit Baumann’s Train-the-Trainer provided me with a practical set of instructions on the implementation of my own training seminars. I was particularly pleased that the preparation, training and material were all ideally adapted to my needs and expectations as well. And, I was able to learn and try out select creative techniques which I can use straightaway. I look forward to taking part in further training seminars. I can heartily recommend Birgit Baumann as a trainer!
    Train-the-Trainer Seminars 1 - 3, Communication Training
    Jan Freese
    Manager R&D and Government Incentives, Deloitte Österreich
  • My participation in the seminar „conflict-free and successful communication” which was lead and moderated by Birgit Baumann in December 2009 has made a lasting impression on me. I gleaned a lot of new insights both for my professional everyday life as well as for my own personal development. Birgit Baumann has an excellent understanding of how to support a group gently, motivate the participants and design the programme in an entertaining way thereby imparting her knowledge almost playfully. Her many-facetted programme allowed a lot of room for creativity and fun and gave me new insights into communication through many practical exercises as well as opening my eyes to many things. They were three unbelievably valuable, informative, exciting and entertaining days which I would not want to have missed. Birgit Baumann communicates her enjoyment of communication and her enthusiasm for working with people. Whoever desires to learn something of themselves and the perils and opportunities of communication between people should attend one of Birgit Baumann’s seminars. It is worth it! “Dealing with each other” is a completely different game afterwards.
    Communication Training
    Michaela Gitsch
    Aeronautics and Space Agency, FFG
  • I attended Birgit Baumann’s communication training seminar. It is great that our company funds such seminars but given the insights and personal successes I would even pay for such a seminar out of my own pocket; it is worth it in any case. The seminar was most fascinating, for 2 days I asked myself when we would finally communicate, only to come to the realisation that communication does not necessarily mean talking. The seminar was about the drama triangle, that I can say “stop” and on the interpretation and assessment of that which one hears. Now I understand about complete messages and above all that there exist both real and unreal emotions. We laughed a lot and even the personal feedback was not painful but rather an added value. I can only recommend it to anyone who wishes to learn more about themselves and is prepared to improve themselves actively.
    Communication Training
    Ernestine Stöger
    Finances, FFG
  • I was also able to attend Birgit Baumann’s training on communication, during which it once again became clear how multifaceted the subject of communication is. I have to say that the training benefited me in every respect: stimulating talks from the extremely dedicated trainer, garnished with illustrative examples and practical exercises from which I still benefit today; not only in my professional everyday life, but also in my private life. A warm thanks!
    Communication Training
    Stephan Mayer
    Aeronautics and Space Agency, FFG
  • I value Birgit Baumann very highly as a trainer. Her trainings’ hands-on, interactive approach has proved to be the best guarantee that training participants will carry the learning on from the classroom to workplace. Not to mention the fun and team spirit developed during the trainings themselves! Birgit’s two-day training on moderation of large groups helped us to learn and practice new methods for engaging with the audience of large meetings and conferences. It also enabled us to reflect on the role and qualities of a good moderator, and to adopt a goal-oriented approach to designing events and selecting moderation methods. I love the way her trainings are designed to be suitable for a group of mixed levels and experiences – everyone has an opportunity to learn and improve their skills (I also attended the train-the-trainer curriculum inclusing 1 day moderation training, the intercultural communication seminar). I should also mention that as a trainer, Birgit has a very professional approach and she handles calmly and flexibly any logistical or practical issues that may arise, never letting these interfere with the quality of the training!
    Seminar "Moderation of Large Groups"; train-the-trainer curriculum; intercultural communication seminar
    Kristin Kraav
    National contact point for Horizon 2020, Estonian Research Council