Birgit knows how to get excellent results from a variety of conditions. She accompanied the development department of the Business Agency at the beginning of a portfolio development process and made a significant contribution to the fact that the quality of the results surprised us. Thanks to their excellent moderation and their equally good preparation, the seminar was as entertaining as it was intensive – with the result that the participants did not go out, but full of impatience to implement the results. Anything but a matter of course!

Christian Bartik, Business Agency Vienna

The best thing about the moderation training seminar that Birgit Baumann carried out for our institute was that it was perfectly adapted to our needs. She invested a lot of time into the corresponding preparation. We not only benefited from the content but also from excellent group dynamics. We were able to use a lot of what we had learned straight after the training in our everyday professional lives and we still use the tools and materials that she provided regularly even for internal meetings and workshops. Above all it was Birgit Baumann’s professionalism and personality which won us over. The whole training was marked by a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere which facilitated very effective and motivating work. I, personally, was impressed by her very open and empathic approach to the group and her flexibility when dealing with individual ideas and expectations from the training. I can only recommend seminars and training sessions with Birgit Bauman to everyone!

Sonja Sheik, ACR

Birgit Baumann perfectly combines the topics workshop moderation and training design. In both cases, it is about working with people and the question of how to combine different perspectives in an increasingly complex world and to create something new. This is true for the way of moderating, but also and especially for her kind of training. For it is precisely in a world like this that the understanding that knowledge no longer comes from a person, but is always a product of various experiences, is needed. This attitude is still new in the training landscape and therefore I am grateful that Birgit Baumann sets an important signal in this direction with this book.

Compact and helpful. Practice-oriented tips and tools for beginners and advanced users are offered in large numbers in this book. Whether workshop moderation or training, here everyone will find suitable tools. For those interested in the theory, there are references to the ideas behind them, but they do not need the tools to work.

Birgit’s Train the trainers was excellent at many levels including but not limited to: – to the European funding cases that I deal with – providing insights on my own and others preferred way/s of learning – approaches applicable beyond the training context e.g. team building – she made a number of 2 hour training slots feel like half that time – helping appreciate how ineffective slides can be if you want your audience to remember what you say

Julian Randall, University of Fribourg

In the course of the preparatory work for the new 2015-2017 multi annual programme, Birgit Baumann has prepared and moderated a workshop with 45 innovation experts, and additionally led an internal workshop with 30 colleagues for the FFG. Our experience was – as expected – a very positive one. Starting with the meticulous preparation, through the imaginative design of the event itself (with some extravagant, but highly effective discussion formats) up to the careful follow-up. Even sceptics of the World Café and similar forms of discourse loved it at the end. Birgit manages to let such complex events run “like clockwork”. She has more than just mastered the small and big fundamentals of communication and moderation techniques. Paired with many years of expertise on the subjects of research and innovation. Therefore, thank you very much, it has been our pleasure!

Michael Binder, FFG

What is the English term for it? Yes, exactly “amazing”! He describes Birgit’s training sessions very well … learned so much, had so much fun !! In her trainings, Birgit builds up great learning, play and group spaces, from which much knowledge, motivation, competence for the participants and the group emerge. And it has a very lasting effect: the “pleasure in use” of what has been learned lasts for a long time. A big thank you to Birgit: that she makes it possible and gives it to us in her fine way!

Aliette Doerflinger, FWF

I had heard good things about Birgit’s team working and moderation exercises but I couldn’t imagine that only two intense days would lift my unit and myself to such levels. Besides the instant effects in terms of productivity and working atmosphere we have continued, all by ourselves, to further improve team spirit, motivation and quality. Birgit’s methods and tools serve as the foundation in which we build a future together.

Jonas Brandström (Director and Head of Societal Development, VINNOVA, Sweden) | Vinnova

Jonas Brandström, Vinnova

Unusual solutions require unusual methods. In technical problems, such as the energy-efficient design of a city or region, almost exclusively technicians and technicians are involved. Although this leads to technically outstanding partial solutions – if these are left to themselves – this does not ensure that the entire potential of this group has been exploited – even beyond the purely technical aspects. The decision to let Ms. Baumann accompany the development process has literally “paid off”. As Conclusio is stated: If you want to stand out from the crowd with his solutions, the entire creativity potential is to use – and this creates Mrs Baumann very well.

Harald Raupenstrauch, Montanuniversität Leoben

Birgit – to the full satisfaction of our employees – carries out the basic knowledge seminars on the subject of “Project Management”. The choice of Birgit was very clear – her diverse experience, her highly professional accessibility and motivating way of working with the seminar team, all speak for her. With her “killer phrases” such as “That won’t work with us, because we do things completely different” do not stand a chance. She will not be distracted from what is important and always manages to show the participants, “What is possible”. Thanks to Birgit we now have

Julia Kniescheck , Business Agency

I was very impressed by our project management training that Ms. Baumann was very specific about our specific company situation. She has been able to impart her in-depth knowledge and practical experience to all of us in a didactically ideal way. This not only allowed us to expand our knowledge theoretically, the training also had a noticeably positive effect on our team building.

Renate Scheidenberger, Baukultur

“With her experience, empathy and overview, Birgit contributed vastly to the successful launch and sustainable conclusion of WWF Austria’s biggest pan-European project. We will rely on her skills again in future!”

Sabine Gisch-Boie , WWF

Regular reflection on the quality of our training sessions and our personal performance as trainers is very important to the team of trainers at the FFG Academy / European and International Programme. For the purposes of procuring new input and not always “stewing in our own juices” we commissioned feedback from Birgit Baumann. She observed two of our 2-day training seminars and recorded important parts of the sessions on video. We processed the feedback on our training design together with her during a feedback workshop and analysed the video recordings. The ideas, suggestions for improvement and input as well as her personal feedback were extremely valuable. Her experience, expert competence and motivated appearance never cease to impress. Both our training sessions and we as trainers profited from her analysis work and we went about the implementation of our next training events highly motivated.

Birgit Steininger , FFG

Ms. Baumann has turned our funeral home into a team again. We have learned through the prudent and sensitive way of moderation to use the strengths of the individual to recognize individualities and to put the common across the divide. This has enabled us to sharpen our vision and focus on our USP’s. In addition, I appreciate the uncomplicated and structured way of working as well as the friendly nature of Mrs. Baumann. “

Jürgen Hühner, Stadtwerke Amstetten