Today it’s time for a premiere – I’m publishing my first, self-made video!

To be entirely honest, it’s not entirely self-made: without the help of my tech-loving team, this surely would have remained just one of a lot of points on my never-ending TO DO list for a while longer 🙂 But now it’s done and I’m very happy to be able to present it to you.

Manfred Stadler, Managing Partner and founder of the company Innovation Coaches (in German), seated in Vienna, talks about two strategy workshops he booked me for and how his company benefited from them.

This first video is shot in German, so most of you will most likely not understand it – that’s why I transcripted the most important parts of it for you:

Interviewer: You took part in 2 strategy workshops, moderated by Birgit. Can you tell us a bit about your experiences?

Manfred Stadler: The first workshop took place shortly after the foundation of my company Innovation Coaches. Back then, it was important to work on a common vision and define common goals. [..] Team building was also an issue. Birgit did include all of this into the workshop. 

Longterm goals, that were set back then, have been reached quickly, what led to great satisfaction of all participants and a second – follow up – workshop, to redefine previously set goals and also work out new ones, as we want to widen our horizons.

For those of you, who speak German, or are nevertheless interested in my first video – here it is:

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Looking forward to meeting you back here next time!

Best regards, yours Birgit