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Our mission at BusinessMind is not only to inspire customers in our (online) trainings and moderations, but also to equip them with the right tools to fully develop their skills and potential. It fills us with joy to accompany their personal development and to see how they apply what they have learned with enthusiasm.

We are committed to a solidary and sustainable future by connecting people worldwide and thereby promoting innovative approaches and future-oriented solutions. Together with our customers, we strive to create a positive, sustainable impact. Find out more about our approach and social responsibility under “CSR”.

BusinessMind believes that everyone is responsible for themselves, but should also contribute to making the world a little bit better, both socially and environmentally.

BusinessMind therefore pays attention to sustainable procurement of office materials, travels largely by bicycle or public transport; flights are offset with atmosfair certificates.

By organizing international events online, together we contribute to climate protection and you save valuable time resources as well as travel and event costs. Find out more at: #FacilitateForFuture


Birgit Baumann, online Trainer and Moderator

Birgit Baumann

Founder of BusinessMind, international (online) trainer, moderator, project manager and author

Promote growth and stimulate development,
see how ideas sprout and people blossom,
enable work to bear fruit and success to be reaped:
that inspires me to always give my best.

Birgit Baumann has been working internationally in the field of (online) training & moderation and project management for over 25 years.

Thanks to the experience she has gained in her professional life and her in-depth training and further education, Birgit combines three approaches – this combination results in her USP:

  • As an internationally experienced (online) trainer and moderator , she uses neurodidactic methods to convey challenging content and activate the creative potential of participants in interactive (online) training courses and workshops.
  • She combines this know-how with extensive experience in European and Austrian research, technology and innovation funding (RTI funding): She has worked in the EU Commission, the Austrian Ministry of Science and Research and the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) in funding processing and program management. She has also successfully applied for three EU projects, all of which were approved and which she subsequently managed. This means that she is familiar with national and international RTI funding from a wide variety of perspectives.
  • During her work in RTI promotion, she was intensively involved with the topics of sustainability, climate change, energy and sustainable mobility. And she worked for several years in personnel and organizational development. The knowledge gained from this allows them to dock well with their customers today.
  • Certified Service Design Thinking Facilitator
  • Certified personnel developer
  • Certified large group facilitator
  • Certified NLP and Trinergy trainer
  • zSPM according to IPMA (until Nov. 2019)

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Further training

People, nature and exercise are important to Birgit. When she wants to recover from the usually very intensive (online) workshops or training sessions, there is only one thing for her to do: get out into nature, ideally combined with exercise, such as cycling, skating, Nordic walking, swimming, hiking with mushroom picking (depending on the season), snowshoeing and skiing as well as ice skating. She also paddles from time to time, preferably on Lake Millstättersee.
Benjamin Baumann, online Trainer

Benjamin Baumann

International (online) trainer, moderator and coach

dhe technical possibilities of our time fascinate me and transferring this enthusiasm to others is my passion. Seeing a team grow always inspires me.

Benjamin Baumann, international (online) trainer, facilitator and coach, has over a decade of experience in various learning settings. He specializes in team-building events and the development of digital learning formats and events.

Ben specializes in the creation of digital offers. His knowledge as a certified international trainer, moderator and coach helped him to design these courses in a didactically valuable way. He uses neurodidactic methods to effectively convey complex content and promote the creative potential of his participants. At BusinessMind, Benjamin provides (online) training, moderation and coaching. Collaboration tools are his passion in the online sector.

  • Psychotherapeutic propaedeutic course
  • Coach in solution focused therapy
  • Certified NLP Trainer
  • Certified moderator

When Ben isn’t holding a team-building event, he prefers to spend time with his family. His partner and his young daughter are a great joy and enrichment for him. To clear his head, he likes to cook vegetarian delicacies. If time permits, he can be found in nature or in the sauna. He reads one book a week because further education is important to him. He elegantly incorporates this knowledge into his training sessions.

Cooperation partners

BusinessMind is pleased to announce the creation of a specialized network designed to respond specifically to your facilitation, training and project management needs. Available soon on our website.

Participants’ votes

Birgit Baumann’s work is characterized by meticulous preparation, creativity and almost inexhaustible patience coupled with flexibility AND professional goal orientation.

Her talent for taking completely different points of view, bundling them and bringing them back to the essential commonalities is an enormous support for companies in transition and change. Birgit manages to develop new perspectives with humor and mild severity and successfully conveys the value of joint work to all participants.

Johannes Pollak (CEO), Webster University

The collaboration with Birgit Baumann began a few years ago. Birgit has accompanied us in various processes since then. These included strategic workshops with the management team and middle management at WWF. In June, Birgit accompanied us on a two-day team retreat to which all employees were invited.

My experience of working with Birgit has been very positive. Birgit invests a lot of time in the preparation, so there are no surprises when it comes to the execution itself. At the same time, Birgit is very flexible when it comes to making necessary adjustments, even at short notice, which can sometimes make preparation a challenge.

I really appreciate working with Birgit and look forward to many more exciting projects with her.

Andrea Johanides (CEO), WWF

The only downside to Birgit Baumann is not being able to integrate her more often into everyday working life. I consider her overview, unpretentious demeanor and razor-sharp clarity, which is also used fearlessly in front of a pack of 150 industry managers, to be her particularly remarkable strengths.

Baumann’s clarity about her own principles paired with an unbiased openness to other concerns and world views enable a profitable working process with expanded fields of vision. I have rarely been able to work with such a strong but at the same time modest personality and can only recommend him: MORE BAUMANN!

Johannes Vetter, Vetter&Partner

NET4SOCIETY has profited a lot from Birgit’s exceptional skills and experience as a trainer and moderator. Since 2008 we have cooperated with Birgit on many different occasions. She gave us the confidence to use interactive methods in our own events by teaching us all we need to know in “Train-the-Trainer”-seminars and trainings for moderation and communication.

Her trainings are always inspiring and at the same time very practical. As participants, we get to try out different methods, get hands-on experience and learn which methods work best in our contexts.

As a moderator, Birgit is always in control of the situation and committed to creating an open space for discussion and achieving results. In addition, Birgit has a deep understanding of the European research and research management environment, which makes her the perfect trainer and moderator for us!

Net4society / DLR project management team, Net4society