Welcome to My Blog

First of all, welcome back to my blog; let’s celebrate the new year with exciting posts and interesting interaction! It’s great to have you here again or to welcome you as a new member! 🙂

I want to dedicate the first post of the New Year to a topic that, in my opinion, is the foundation for every success in private and professional life: a positive mindset!

As a coach or presenter, I can be very methodical, however, if the mindset – my inner attitude – is not right, my group will feel it and this will affect my event. When assuming to have “idiots” sitting in front of me, I will harvest such kind of people. When regarding myself as a bad presenter, I will.. what…? Right! Become a bad presenter. It’s as easy as this.

Ein positives Mindset macht den Unterschied!

A positive mindset makes the difference!

So, what makes up a positive mindset?

  1. Show interest in your participant’s different concerns, fears, and behaviours (even if you sometimes don’t get along with them – you can particularly learn most from the less pleasant experiences)
  2. Bring frankness and curiosity with you and let yourself be surprised  (i. e. “Oh, a new perspective! I have not perceived it this way!”)
  3. Show respect and appreciation to your participants (see also my previous comment regarding a room full of “idiots”…)
  4. Be a role model (for example, if you don’t want your participants to use mobile telephones, you should really do the same)
  5. And last but not least … Have a lot of fun and pleasure in doing this!

Are you curious now? In my book (that is currently translated into English) you will find more information in regard to a positive mindset!

I am looking forward to your experiences! All the best,