2015 was quite an exciting year for me – focused primarily on the work on my book (which is currently translated into English) and its publication (combined with the obligatory emotional ups and downs that come with the realisation of such an enormous project 🙂 ).

All in all, I sold about 200 books in 2015, handed them out during my trainings or sent them to interested publishers. Summing up my income, I do not even rudimentally meet the costs I had and sometimes this gives me a little headache. 🙂

BUT: at the same time, every single book that leaves my apartment (“the distribution centre”) lights up my eyes. Because I know: there is one more person out there, who recognises and values my experience and advice. I hope that my book is a helpful support for every single one of them.

Furthermore there are the donations, counting up to 700 EUR, that have been gathered during the book presentation. These donations and the 10% out of my net sales income lead to a total of 1.000 EUR !


As a reminder or for all of you who don’t know the background story:

I decided to donate 10% of the net income out of my book sale. The reason for this is rather sad: 2 friends of mine recently lost their fight against cancer. Both have not only been very interesting personalities, but have also fought restlessly for causes that are also very important to me.

One was Andreas Schibany (page in German), who has shaped the Austrian RTD policy like no other, and the other one was Lee Schipper, who had dedicated his life researching on energy efficiency, specifically in the transport sector. He furthermore was an ingenious musician.

The donations therefore go to the CeMM Research Center for Molecular Medicine in Vienna and the Lee Schipper Memorial Scholarship.


The donation of 500 € was recently transfered to CeMM (see pdf):



The donation of 500 € for the Lee Schipper Memorial Scholarship (administered by the World Resources Institute in Washington) was also transferred after having overcome some adminstrative hurdles :-).



May these contributions bring innovative results!

All the best, Birgit