The online training support tool – an experience report

„The online platform helped put me into the mood for the seminar ahead of time.
Therefore I was able to join the seminar with clear expectations and achieve exactly what I wanted to.“
Brigitte Hettenkofer, Slack, TRELLO, & Co

I don’t know about you, but digitisation is a big issue at my end right now.

OK, naturally we‘ve all had our homepages for a long while now (mine, by the way, will shortly be re-launched) just like email and social media accounts, various apps on the business as well as private mobiles. Moreover, messages are sent via SLACK and in-company chat systems, tasks are alloted with TRELLO. Well, not me, but I assume others do it that way. 🙂

And now the training and moderation business is becoming increasingly digitised. We get feedback online using mentimeter and, training sessions are held via gototraining or Adobe Connect, and then there is An online platform to digitally support you with your training courses.

Why I decided to go for

Personally, as pretty much everyone knows by now, I’m a little „less“ of a „techie.“ Some time ago, however, I let myself be talked into acquiring I use it to meet the needs of my customers, to continue receiving updates and useful information after a seminar, in order to assure sustainable knowledge-transfer.

I also use not only to follow up, but also to prepare my seminars (buzzword „blended learning“). For example, in the meantime I only use to send information about the training event or my preliminary questionnaire to myself (the latter helps me design the seminar) and save myself (and my participants) individual emails, single files and hence, potential chaos.

And how complicated is the whole thing?

Using the tool is super easy, every knowledge unit (every „blink“) either consists of documents or media that you upload with just 1-2 clicks. These are integrated into the tool, so that you don’t need to switch to an external provider (e.g. Youtube). And you can also design quizzes, tests and surveys.

The participants‘ contact data can be uploaded from an excel file, mail gets sent directly from the tool, quizzes & co can be scored and downloaded as files, and so on and so on.

I first used in 2018 at the BusinessMind Summer Academy. In response to the excellent feedback from my participants, I now offer it (almost) exclusively (or if requested) for all my BusinessMind seminars.

And here another, in-depth feedback to – which Jan-Ove Wiesner can really only warmly recommend:

Jan-Ove Wiesner

Jan-Ove Wiesner

„I find the user interface simple and clearly arranged through the chronological sequence of the contents, which are displayed as pictures and texts, making it possible for me to navigate intuitively. The interactive elements such as introducing yourself, preliminary questionnaire and quizzes are exciting to use and help you get into the mood for the training event. I found that the time period of 2 days between new content prior to the training event is very well timed. Just like the intervals of one week following the training event. In the time between the last training day and the last released content end of August I visited the platform for more than 10 minutes at least two times. The email messages reminded me to do this. I also found it good that other methods were explained in videos, which makes you want to spend more time on the methods, which are also introduced in the book. All in all, the way was used helped me a lot to prepare for the training and to revise the content again. Furthermore, I find it very agreeable that all documents can be accessed online, clearly organised, and I don’t need to store them on my own device.”