Online meetings are tedious!

But they don’t have to be!

In addition to many tips and tricks on didactics, technology can sometimes play an aggravating role in online meetings.

Another uncomfortable noise at the meeting? Because of poor lighting conditions, you don’t recognize yourself? To prevent this from happening again, this blog article will show you the best tips and products for a professional online presence. With this equipment you are ready for professional video conferences:

The light:

A well-lit picture gives a professional appearance! Front light creates the most beautiful picture. I recommend these led lights at this point. They provide constant, pleasant light, are energy and save space!

The microphone: A good tone is the be-all and end-all in the online world. Annoying noises or an unpleasant tone make the meeting uncomfortable for all participants. I recommend this headset.

The camera:

If your computer doesn’t have the best camera. No problem! The Logitech camera brings you to the screen in the sharpest resolution;)

The second screen:

Miro, Zoom and Co sometimes take up a lot of space. So that you can always keep a good overview, I recommend a second screen. You can purchase one here. This screen is particularly easy on the eyes and razor-sharp!

The background:

Not everyone has the luxury of a neutral wall as a background. Many virtual backgrounds look unprofessional because the person often disappears in the background. There is an alternative. Here is the link to a great green screen rollup.

A good internet:

If you don’t already have fast internet, now is the time to upgrade. You probably have the option to purchase a quick package from your internet service provider. This gives you the security that you are not flying out of the meeting or your picture is jerky.

If you implement all these tips, nothing stands in the way of your – at least technically – trouble-free meeting.

Do you want didactic tips to make your online meeting a complete success? Then I recommend these articles to you: from the preparation of your online meeting, to the intro, the procedure, to the closing and transfer. Or you can book our tailor-made online offers or visit our next online academy on August 31 / September 1 (from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.), this time in English. Early Bird tariff of minus 25% until July 31st! Register now!